CmdLine Mode


InterPSS comes with an installer, which installs InterPSS to your computer and creates a link in the program group and on your desktop. By click the link, you can launch InterPSS graphic editor and run InterPSS in the graphic editor mode.

InterPSS also allows you to run in other modes, including command line mode and grid computing mode. You can use the following command to launch InterPSS:

java -classpath ... org.interpss.InterPSS [-o editor|help|cmd] [-g gridgain]


editor run InterPSS in the graphic editor mode

help print InterPSS run help information

cmd run InterPSS in the command line mode


gridgain run InterPSS in the grid computing mode using Gridgain

Cmd Line Mode Options


java -classpath ... org.interpss.InterPSS -o cmd [-g gridgain] -in inputFile

[-run dclf|aclf] [-xml controlFile] [-out outputFile|Console]

[ ... ] indicates the command arguments are optional

| indicates alternative choices.



cmd run InterPSS in cmd line mode. This is the default option, so you can omit it.


<file> simulation input file, its extension will be used to determine the custom data file adapter to load the file

into InterPSS. For example, the IEEE CDF file adapter will be used to load a *.ieee file. The mapping

relationship between file extension and custom data file adapter is defined in


ipssdat InterPSS Text File Format

ieee IEEE Common Format

odm IEEE ODM Xml Model

m MatLab Power Flow Data Format

psat PSAT Data Format

uct UCTE Data Exchange Format for LF and SC

psse PSSE Data Format

js InterPSS JavaScripts Scripting File


dclf|aclf To override InterPSS default run type, which is determined by the network object type. Each file contains info

for certain type of study. For example an IEEE CDF file contains info for loadflow study. By default a loadflow

run will be perform. However, you can use -run dclf to force a DC loadflow run.


<file> Xml file to control the run process. InterPSS defines an XML Schema, which could be used to create XML document

and fully control InterPSS run process. Please see [[Main:InterPSS User Guide: Working with InterPSS XML

Document | InterPSS XML Document]]. The following is a sample XML document to run a Aclf case.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<ipss:InterPSS xmlns:ipss=""

xmlns:xsi="" >



















<file Simulation result output file or result to the Console. If this option is not defined, a file with *.ipssout

will be created in the <install root>/output directory.

Customize CmdLine Run Output

Simulation results in a cmd line run is output using a plugin, defined in the /properties/springConfig/customAdapterContext.xml

<bean id="simuResultOutput"




Document will be created to walk through how to write a custom plugin to output the simulation results in the way you like.