InterPSS (Internet technology based Power System Simulator) is a free and open software development project. Simulation is key to enhancing power system design, analysis, diagnosis, and operation. InterPSS fills a need for a simple to use, yet powerful in functionality, modern software technology based software system. Power system simulation software currently in use are based on outdated technology. InterPSS is distinguished by its open and loosely coupled system architecture. This architecture enables components developed by others to be easily plugged into InterPSS to augment its functionality, and equally important, allows its components to be integrated into other software system. The project is currently under development by a team of developers living in the United States and China. InterPSS development is Cloud based. InterPSS project and its development experience have been summarized in a book chapter "Distributed Parallel Power System Simulation" in a book "High Performance Computing in Power and Energy Systems", published by Springer.

Download InterPSS

Current InterPSS release is the verion 1.4.04. You can download InterPSS release from SourceForge. You may want to register to InterPSS Forum to post your questions and, if possible, help others.

InterPSS development release download: Full Release, Update and Release Notes.

IEEE PES Community

Open Model for Exchanging PSS Data - A Open Model for Exchanging Power System Simulation Data (ODM Model) currently under consideration by the IEEE PES OSS Task Force.

Developer Information

InterPSS Development Guide - InterPSS development guide for the InterPSS developers.

InterPSS Development Release - The dev release has the latest features under development for new feature preview purpose. These features may not be fully tested yet. Please use it with care.


OpenCIM is an object-oriented approach to the CIM information model, defined by IEC. It is not a RDF/XML editor, rather a RDF/XML file processor. In addition, it provides a framework for building bridges or adapters for digesting information stored in an RDF/XML file and transferring relevant information into other applications. OpenCIM uses Java as the programming language.

InterPSS GitHub Repositories - InterPSS open source code has been migrated to GitHub.

InterPSS 2.2.1 has been released. InterPSS 2.0 is the next generation of InterPSS software development. It is totally Cloud based. The goal is to make the Could-based power system simulation practical.

InterPSS 2.2.1 (Documentation)

InterPSS Application and Development tutorial

User success with InterPSS and feedback can be found Here. Please join us at LinkedIn