Custom Plugin

Extension to the InterPSS core library AclfBranch class to store parameters, which are not directly used by the InterPSS simulation engine.

Data Format

Node Code

UCTE node code structure requires 8 characters (8th optional), as detailed in the following:

    • 1st character: UCTE country code
    • 2nd- 6th character: short description of the geographical spot
    • 7th character: voltage level
    • 8th character: letter or figure for differentiating bus bars (optional)

It has been observed that space character is sometimes used in node code. InterPSS does not allow space in its element id. Therefore all space characters in node code will be replaced by a underscore "_" character.

Node Base Voltage

In UCTE specification, bus base voltage information is encoded in the node code. The voltage level code, the 7th character in the node code, has a value of [0-9], which is then used to specify bus base voltage using a look-up table defined int the specification. We have noticed that not all UCTE data files follow this convention. Therefore an extension to the UCTE specification is need to accommodate the situation, since bus base voltage is absolutely needed. We propose the following simple solution:








Then when processing UCTE Node records, the closest base voltage defined in the ##BaseVoltage section will be selected as the node base voltage.

Line/Xformer Order Code

InterPSS allows multiple parallel lines defined between two buses. The Branch class has a field Circuit_Number for identifying multiple branches between two buses. In UCTE format, the Line and Transformer order code is designed to serve the same purpose. Therefore it mapped to InterPSS branch circuit number field.

Transformer Data

UCTE transformer parameters are in actual units, Ohm, µS. It is assumed that these parameters are measured at the higher voltage side.

Loadflow Analysis

Induction Generator

This implementation of induction generator was contributed by Prof Zhigang Wu of South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China.

Induction generator custom plugin Source Code.

Short Circuit Analysis

Transient Stability Simulation

Dynamic Load Model

Static Var Compensator