InterPSS 2.0

InterPSS 2.0 is a new generation of InterPSS software development. It is totally Cloud based. The goal is to make the Cloud-based power system simulation easily accessible around the global.

The figure above depicts a high-level architecture view of InterPSS 2.0.

    • InterPSS Simulation Engine is deployed and running constantly in the Cloud, and provides power system simulation service. User Spreadsheet application, when performing power system simulation, such as AC Loadlfow, sends a simulation request with simulation input data to the simulation engine (arrow <1> in the above figure). The simulation engine replies with a response (simulation result) after completing the calculation. The simulation engine is stateless. It does not store any user information (user identify, user simulation data) permanently. After servicing the user simulation request, all user request data will be erased (Garbage collected) from the memory.
    • InterPSS 2.0 user interface implementation is based on Google Spreadsheet. The InterPSS Google Drive hosts the Spreadsheet Template and a set of common shared libraries. At the initial point, the Spreadsheet template is copied and saved to user's Google Drive (arrow <2> in the above figure).
  • User power system simulation study case (Google Spreadsheet), input data and analysis result report are saved in user's Google Drive, which are private to the user. Of cause user can share some or all of the info with his/her college or make the info public to share with the whole world. User uses a browser on his/her local machine or iPad to interact with their Google Drive (arrow <3> and <4> in the above figure). Here are some sample pictures (Pct1, Pct2, Pct3) running InterPSS 2.0 on iPad.

Information Security and Privacy

Over the last few years, the technology to secure information in the Cloud has matured. Cloud computing technology has been endorsed by US Government (Ref[2]) and US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (Ref[3]).

User's InterPSS application Google Spreadsheet, after copied from InterPSS application Spreadsheet Template, is stored in and protected by user's Google account. It does interacts with user Google Drive, reading data from and writing data to the Drive. InterPSS application Google Spreadsheet uses Google App Script to implement the interaction. To examine the scripts, go the following two places:

    • On the Google Spreadsheet, select Tools | Script Editor ... to view scripts used in the Spreadsheet
    • View InterPSS common shared script library, which is linked to the user Spreadsheet and open for public viewing.

InterPSS Simulation Engine

InterPSS simulation engine is a very powerful power system simulation engine, written in Java programming language. The engine implementation is based on our early research work (Ref [1]). It has been verified against other commercial software by independent third parties. In the following benchmark testing report, a 14K-Bus power network, directly exported from an ISO's on-line EMS system, is used to benchmark InterPSS core simulation against PowerWorld simulation software.

InterPSS Core Simulation Engine Benchmark Testing Report

InterPSS project and its development experience have been summarized in a book chapter "Distributed Parallel Power System Simulation" in the book "High Performance Computing in Power and Energy Systems", published by Springer.

The following are some large-size sample cases:

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[1] "Object-oriented Programming, C++ and Power System Simulation", IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, Vol.11, No.1, Feb. 1996 pp206-216.

[3] "Amazon Wins Ruling for $600 Million CIA Cloud Contract"