Optimal Power Flow Analysis

InterPSS optimal power flow (OPF) analysis module has been ported to the Cloud. The ODM format is used to describe power systems. Also, a MatPower to ODM adapter has been developed to transform input date file in MatPower format into an XML file conforming ODM schema. After loading an OPF case, you can perform DC OPF analysis, using Linear Programming (LP_solver) or Quadratic Programming (QP_solver). Also, you can download ODM XML file in case of MatPower data file input.

Please Note: One of the important components of an OPF implementation is the optimization solver. InterPSS uses open source optimization solvers implemented in Java. InterPSS development team is actively monitoring the new development in the field and will continue to incorporate and integrate new features to InterPSS.


MatPower Data Format

To upload data file in the MatPower format to perform OPF analysis, please follow the steps below:

    1. Select OPF_MatPower in the dropdown list
    2. Select an input data file by clicking the Choose File button
    3. Click the Update button to upload the file to the Cloud
    4. At this stage, you will be presented with DCOPF Analysis [ LP_solver QP_solver] and Download ODM File options
    5. Click the LP_solver or QP_solver link to perform OPF analysis
    6. Click the Download ODM File link to download the transformed ODM Xml file for the OPF study case