Dedham School Parents, Teachers, Friends 

We are the parents, teachers, and friends of Dedham School, 
working together 
to enhance our school community.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month
in the Dedham School Library

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THANK YOU! to everyone who helped make the Fall Festival so successful!
Freezer Winner
Pricilla Soucie
Basket Raffle Winners
Car Cleaning: Rachel Dowling
Four Twenty Seven Yoga: Tina Baughman
School Supplies/Arts: Kayla Moreau
Tiller & Rye: Joan Osler
Main Military Paintball, Big Jake's, Snacks: Vicky Oakstone
Verve, Lucerne Inn, Logical Sip: Jamie Fogg
Options Salon Package: Jane Jordan
UMaine Basket: Jane Rancourt
Big Jake's, Orono Trampoline Park, Annika Rod & Fly: Herb Buck
Movie passes: Vicky Oakstone
Cupcake Tower: Katherine Caron
Global Beverage (date night): Cynthia Blanchard
Cooler/S'mores: Dee Goodwin
Hummingbird Hollow/gardening: Amy Robinson
Lucerne Vet: Heather Pierce
BBQ: Sarah Spratt
Top Hat II gift certificate and Adidas bag: Ellie Boudreau
Organizing basket and session with Barb Pinkham: Brooke Hart
Game Basket: Sarah Perkins
Dorsey Furniture: Tom Christie
Crockpot: Jamie Bangs
Scratch Tickets: Kathy Bowen

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3. Grab and fill those CLINK bags...
4. Cut those Box Tops

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