Dedham School PTF

We are the parents, teachers, and friends of Dedham School, 

working together to enhance our school community.

Together We Can

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 PTF is looking for some feedback from this school year, could you please take a few minutes and fill out our survey?  Scan the QR code.

Did you hear?  We are signed up to work the Goo Goo Dolls concert at Shaw's parking lot on Friday, September 29th from 1-9.  Fill out the survey and let us know if you might be able to help us and cover a s hour shift.  We are going to need a good number of people to pull this off, but last time we worked this event we raised over $2,000.  Sign up today!!


Just a reminder that all Dedham volunteers must complete the annual volunteer application in order

to volunteer at school or on field trips.

If you need an application please see the Volunteer Application page.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact your volunteer coordinator 

Michelle Saar (

One of the many ways Dedham School volunteers provide assistance to our

wonderful teachers are by doing photocopying jobs for them! Teachers leave work to be done in their

mailboxes with a request sheet and then our amazing volunteers help to get their copying done! If

you think you'd be able to spend an hour or two a week in the copy room, please reach out to the

office and they will give your name to Michelle Saar, our volunteer coordinator.

Meetings (Google Meets) are held the first Tuesday of every month

Next Meeting June 6th at 4:30


Please see the Volunteer Form above

Book Fair: Scholastic book sends us all the books and materials, we hold the fair and we earn money from books that are purchased. Typically we have two fairs, one in the fall and another in the spring. We will need volunteers to work the fair.

Teacher Appreciate Team: The First week in May is teacher appreciation week. We like to show our love to our teachers and it takes lots of help to make this happen.

Golf Tournament: We haven’t held this tournament for a few years now, due to Covid, but it has been a very successful money maker for Dedham School. The leg work for this event is getting sponsors/prizes from local businesses. A lot of work the day of the event is done by the wonderful crew at Traditions Golf Course!

Concert Parking: Shaw’s graciously offers this fundraiser to local nonprofits during Waterfront Concerts in the summer! They let concert goers pay to use their parking lot and then give this money to the group willing to volunteer. We need typically 16 people who split into 4 two hour shifts. It really is a lot of fun! :) This also is an EASY fundraiser for our PTF. We can typically bring in $2,000 in one evening! This is another event Covid has prevented us from doing the past few years. 

Fun Run: This new event, a fun mile walk/run for families to come enjoy together that we are just starting to plan for the coming spring. If you have any ideas to help this event get off the ground please let us know! 

Earn Cash for your School!  

Some ways to support the PTF:

Scan receipts at the Box Top App, drop off cans and bottles to the school or Stompers, 



Contact Us at 

Thank you to all who donate their cans and bottles in the red and white fence with the demon on it, out front of the school!! Huge Thank You to Stompers as well!!!!