Dedham School Parents, Teachers, Friends 

We are the parents, teachers, and friends of Dedham School, 
working together 
to enhance our school community.

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month
in the Dedham School Library

The PTF will be raffling off two baskets for those students who bring in 5 or More Sheets (50) box tops for the rest of the year in June! Bring your box tops in, students!!!

DEDHAM GEAR ORDER GOING ON NOW!!  click on fundraising below! Take this last opportunity for the 2014- 2015 school year to buy your DEDHAM GEAR! The newest addition to our store is a BASBALL TEE with a DEMON SCREEN PRINT on it! Go check it out! Think about your spring sports! Think about your end of the season coach's gifts! This is it for this year! Shop away and have fun!!!! It is only open until the 31st at midnight! Items will be ready for pick up after school before vacation! Sale Code: DEDHAMPTF15

***Another BIG Scrippro order is coming!!*** Starting April 15th, paper order forms will be given out to students so they can collect orders. There will be prizes awarded: *Prize for the student who sells the most cards. *Prize for the student who has the highest sales. *NEW!! Prize drawing for those who place their order online! Be thinking of all your summer celebrations that may require gift purchases! *Weddings *Mother's Day *Father's Day *birthdays *Graduations *Back to School * New Babies Shopping An order will NOT be done on April 3rd!!