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The WAIS chorus sings patriotic music at Friday's assembly honoring veterans.

November 9, 2018

By Savannah P. and Sabrena E.

The Veterans' Day assembly was held on November 9, 2018. Veterans Day is actually on November 11, but was celebrated early due to it being the last day of the week for school. Celebrating this day is to honor and thank every person in the Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force. Veterans' Day is a day to thank all of the military veterans.

During the assembly, the chorus sang songs, speakers read poems and gave speeches about Veterans Day, and veterans talked about the meaning of Veterans Day. One veteran, Lt. Colonel Verenna, spoke about his service in the military, but also shared his memories of growing up in Wilson.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, the chorus opened the ceremony with “America” and “The Star Spangled Banner.” They did a great job, and the visiting veterans enjoyed their performance.

There were many student speakers at the Veterans' Day assembly. They talked about military service in their families and why we should thank veterans. The speakers were sixth graders Isaiah S. (filling in for Lajaiah W.), Dorian G. and Sebastian C.; fifth grader Akim G.; and seventh graders Riley S., Aiden H., and Eliza M. Emma V., the Student Council President, and Amanda K., the National Junior Honor Society President represented the eighth grade.

Amanda K. wrote her speech about her family. She spoke about her feelings on Veterans' Day. She thinks that it is important to celebrate Veterans' Day to thank all of the veterans for their service. She prepared by practicing a lot, and she had a sensational speech.

This annual assembly is an important tradition at Wilson Area Intermediate School, and students enjoyed this opportunity to honor those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.

Student speakers share poems and writing at the annual Veterans' Day Assembly.

The chorus performed for both assemblies on Friday morning.

Veterans bring the flag to the stage at the start of the assembly.

Guest speaker Lt. Colonel Tony Verenna shares his experiences in the military.


-Artwork By Claire Xie


November 9, 2018

By MJ R.

The Warriors of the month are WAIS students who are nice and kind to their fellow classmates and have what it takes to be a role model . If you show the Warrior traits, your teacher will nominate you and describe why you should be Warrior of the month. As of right now, 33 students have been nominated for the 2018-2019 school year. We are really proud of all of the nominees.

Last month, fifth grader Olivia was chosen by Mrs. Housel. She says that Olivia helps her classmates and stands out. She shows respect, sets the bar high, and is a hard worker.

Our sixth grade student Catherine S. She was chosen by Mrs. Partridge and also Mrs. Fox. They say she is a good role model.

In seventh grade Aiden H. was nominated by Mrs. Korin. She states, "Aiden has the most school spirit of any student I know. He is consistently exuberant on Warrior Wake-Up news, and always has a positive attitude."

Lastly, our eighth grade Warrior of the month is Gabriel J. He was nominated by Mrs. Kesselring and Mrs. Austin. Gabriel is a leader who is rarely loud. He shares words of encouragement with his classmates and is honest when he messes up. His teachers count on him to do his best and work well with other students.

These students are the October Warriors of the month and we congratulate them.


The band learns music fundamentals while preparing for the holiday concerts.

November 9, 2018

By Kailee J. and Juliana J.

Band is an after school activity that many in Wilson enjoy. The intermediate school band will be playing in a concert on December 13th at 6:30. This concert will take place in the auditorium at the High School.

The band will be playing many Christmas songs like "African Bell Carol," "A Christmas Rose," "Drummers Christmas Carol," and "At the Feast of Stephen." Many students especially enjoy playing "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by famous singer and songwriter Mariah Carey.

The band practices during their weekly lessons, and then comes together to practice by grade level. They have been practicing since the start of the school year, and are looking forward to performing for their friends and family.

The band and Mr. Alercia hope to see you at the concert.


While the students (and the building) were never in danger during Monday's unexpected fire drill, the quick response of the Wilson Borough Fire Department was an exciting and impressive sight for the students.

November 9, 2018

By Brooke H.

Was there a real fire at WAIS? Obviously not, since we are all still in school. But on Monday, November 5th, a fire alarm went off during the seventh grade’s lunch. Many students were in a rush to get out of the building. Some even came close to trampling others to escape. Outside in freezing temperatures, students were alarmed when at least 3 fire trucks showed up, along with the EMS ambulance.

Pictures were taken at the scene by Brooke H., and students had some input about the unexpected situation. “My phone is in there!” was the biggest concern of student Hunter A. Thomas H. added that he hoped the school wouldn’t burn down.

Teachers were less worried. “It was helpful to get an understanding of what to practice if there was a fire in the cafeteria,” said Mrs. Kirsch.

Mrs. Wells agreed, “It helped that it was an unplanned, unannounced drill so students can see how a drill should look.” Mrs. Morrissey added that the drill showed us what we need to practice in case of a real emergency, and it revealed our areas of weakness so we know what to do better.

Mrs. Gagner was very practical - she was just glad it wasn’t raining, and that it was towards the end of lunch. When we were called back into a building, it was safe to assume it was a false alarm and nobody was harmed. This surprise drill showed how well teachers, administrators, and local first responders work together to keep students safe in an emergency.

At first many students thought someone pulled the alarm, others assumed it was a malfunction, and some thought it was just dust settling that set off the alarm. What really happened was that a faulty smoke detector sent a signal to the alarm system. Hopefully this will not happen again in the future, but if it does, we all now know how to react in this type of situation.


November 2, 2018

By Mohammad T. and Isaiah T.

The WAIS Chess Club is a new club that is being started this year. The advisors of the club are hoping to get students to join before their first meeting on November 7.

The game of chess promotes higher level thinking and, multi-step problems that challenge the brain with strategic skills. This club attracts students who know how to play chess and want a partner to play with. It also attracts students who want to learn how to play chess.

Sydney P., who is joining the club, says "I play because I like it and I play at home with my dad.” Kalissa R. adds that it's fun to learn new games and meet new friends. Addison R. agrees that meeting new people is one good reason to join, but also looks forward to learning how to play.

Some students aren't able to join the chess club because of conflicts with sports or because they don't have a ride home. Elyscia M. says, "I am very good at chess, but there is no late bus so I can't join." Hopefully, students who really want to join the club will be able to find other chess fans to carpool with.

The most common answers for why people join chess club is to learn or just to have fun playing it. Dante S. says, "I enjoy playing chess, but no one at my house will play." Kevin N. has the opposite problem - everyone in his house plays chess, but he has to sit out because he doesn't know how. Miles G. just thinks it sounds interesting.

If you join Chess club, you can meet new challengers and learn how to play. Chess club will meet on every Wednesday and end at 3:45pm.


Olivia W., winner of best overall pumpkin, shows off her popular creation based on the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch.

November 2, 2018

By Sydney P. and The Scribbler Staff

On October 31, in the 7th grade hallway, the students of WAIS participated in the 12th annual seventh grade pumpkin contest. Students needed to decorate a pumpkin without carving it. They competed in several creative categories.

The winner of most unique went to Timothy T. for his melted ice cream cone pumpkin. The spookiest award was Annalena W. who created a fiery dragon. The funniest pumpkin was the party pig created by Nate M. Students knew whoooo made the best animal pumpkin - Abigail F. and her candy corn owl! Tamara L.'s spooky cinema (one of three popcorn bucket pumpkins) was voted most artistic. Kassie R.'s autumn pumpkin had the most holiday spirit.

The winner of best character pumpkin, and also best overall pumpkin, was Olivia W. Olivia got the idea for her Stitch pumpkin from Pinterest. She spent about two hours drawing the character in sharpie and then painting it. She enjoyed her prize pack of puzzles, fall decorations, a pumpkin carving kit, scented gel pens, and lots of other fun treats.

This year's sixth grade students will have to start thinking of fun pumpkin designs for the thirteenth annual pumpkin contest next year!

Eleven seventh grade students entered their fun pumpkin creations into the contest.



While you can find the school news here every Monday morning, our writers have other creative talents as well. Check out the fall issue of Scribbler Magazine for short stories, poems, puzzles, artwork, reviews, recipes, craft directions, and comics. Happy reading!

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Brielle H. shares a picture of the kitten she helped rescue.

October 26, 2018

By Akim G. and Jaylen L.

On October 11, 2018, a WAIS student had a chance to be heroic. Brielle H. heard an unusual sound under her deck of her home. She went to investigate and she found a adorable stray kitten hiding under the deck.

Brielle brought the kitten in to her house. With help from her family, she gave the cat a bath and fed the poor hungry thing. The kitten must have become separated from its mother. Alessandra R., another WAIS student, witnessed Brielle taking good care of this lost animal.

Brielle and her family couldn't keep the kitten, but they made sure she found a good home. Brielle was definitely following the WARRIOR words "Responsible" and "Inspiring" when she helped this small animal in need. Great job!

The rescued kitten dries off after her bath.


October 26, 2018

By Katherine C.

Many WAIS students participated in the Student Council/NJHS Pink Out day. According to Mrs. Silfies, the total that we donated to the American Cancer Society for the Making Strides of the Lehigh Valley event was $559. She added that Mrs. Wohlbach has been participating in the event each year, and we donate the money in her honor. It was great to see so many students support those fighting breast cancer.

Students wear all shades of pink, along with shirts supporting cancer charities during the Pink Out on Friday, October 19.

Junior Editorial

This column will feature opinion pieces written by the students on The Scribbler Staff. These views do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Wilson Area Intermediate School, and are intended to represent only the opinions of these junior editors. Writing an editorial is a great way to make your opinions known. Have an opinion about something you'd like to see changed in the school or community? Come to a Scribbler meeting and propose an editorial!


October 26, 2018

By Brooke H.

Cell phones are very helpful to our generation, and therefore, we should be allowed to have them out during class.

Cell phones could save the district a lot of money, and are great resources. Calculators are an everyday thing in math class. Instead of the school purchasing calculators, it would be helpful to have them on our personal phones. A study shows that 83% of middle school students have their own cell phone. This proves that having cell phones out during class could save the school 83% of its calculator or chrome book money, which can then go towards PTA field trips and raises for the teachers.

A survey has been taken and 31 students were asked if they would want to be able to use their phone in class. The survey explained that students would have to use it for school appropriate activities, and have it powered off and in front of them on the desk when not in use. Twenty-eight of the students said they would want that, while four said it was too distracting. Sixteen teachers were asked about the same thing, and half of the them said they’d give it a test try, while the other half said they would not like that.

Cell phones are very useful for many reasons, and if the students are willing to follow the rules given, then we should give it a try. What do you think? Let us know!

Halloween Fun Survey Results

Last week, Brooke H. and The Scribbler Staff asked you a few questions about Halloween. Here are the results of that survey!


Favorite Candy:

Your favorite candies were KitKat and Reese's Pieces and Peanut Butter Cups, but nearly every kind of candy got at least one vote! Only one person chose candy corn, even though it has a Halloween reputation.

Costume Choices:

Good news - you shouldn't run into too many people wearing your costume this Halloween. We had very few repeats on our costume survey. However, scary definitely seems to be "in" - nearly all of your responses were creepy and spooky!

Candy Bonus:

Finally, our just for fun bonus question - according to Brooke's research, Skittles are the most popular candy. The percentage of WAIS students who guessed that correctly was 45.8%! You know your Halloween candy!


The field hockey team shows off W's - for Wilson and for Win after a recent game.

October 19, 2018

By Payton H. and Chris G.

The Wilson Area Intermediate School’s Girls Field Hockey team had an undefeated season this year, finishing 15-0-1. The girls had a great season, and enjoyed playing against opponents from all over the Lehigh Valley.

One reason the girls were so successful is that they all started in the Wilson Field Hockey Club in fifth and sixth grade. Mr. Causa, the assistant coach for the middle school team, explained why he started this club, saying, “Up until we started the club, Wilson High School had no youth programs to teach girls skills, so they were very inexperienced when they started playing in high school. Now the Varsity high school team is doing extremely well, qualifying for Colonial League finals and District playoffs. The Wilson Middle School team that I currently coach is undefeated and all of the girls started their playing careers with Wilson Field Hockey Club on my 5/6 teams 2 years ago.”

The girls enjoy playing the various positions in field hockey, such as right wing, left wing, center, midfield and defense. “I think it is a great and active sport,” Zoe E., a seventh grade member of the team said.

Their coach agrees, adding that field hockey promotes fitness while teaching teamwork and building athleticism. “As a coach, I enjoy teaching the girls skills and tactics to help them succeed. I’m proud of their accomplishments and the progress they have made in a short period of time and will enjoy coaching them as they move on to the middle school and beyond,” he adds.

The WFHC started just three years ago, with 11 girls. Now, there are 46 girls preparing to join the middle school team. Hopefully, the girls moving up will carry on the winning tradition of this year’s amazing team!


October 19, 2018

By Jared H., Kailee J., and Tosin A.

For September, the Warriors of the Month at the intermediate school are fifth grader Kaitlyn W., sixth grader Madison B., seventh grader Chase E. and eighth grader Kylee B.

Fifth grader Kate is new to Wilson this school year, but has quickly adjusted and adopted all of the warrior values. She is always working hard and will often complete extra work if she finishes early. She is polite and considerate of others and never gives up even if something is challenging.

Madison was picked because she helps another student everyday in her sixth grade classroom.

In seventh grade Chase was picked because he demonstrates the Warrior values by being personable and conscientious, and consistently helpful to his peers.

Kylee, the eighth grader, is an outstanding student who is very responsible and very respectful she is always willing to help out in the classsroom and she is more then willing to help her classmates. Her teachers have been very impressed with her actions and attitude inside and out of the classroom.

These four students were Welcoming, Aspiring, Respectful, Responsible, Inspiring, Open-Minded, and Reliable in the month of September. Show off the Warrior traits, and you may be nominated next month.

All About LUNCH

Students make their lunch selections from a wide variety of choices.

October 19, 2018

By Kelsey K., Liliana B., and Kalissa R.

When students think about lunch, they might think about sloppy joes, apple juice, pretzels or cheesburgers. They may pack, or bring lunch from home. However, most WAIS students have something in common - when they notice the clock nearing the middle of the day, they are happy because it is finally lunchtime! Some students think that lunch is the best part of the day.

Here are a few fun facts about lunch here at WAIS. Forty-eight percent of students buy lunch every day, and twenty-one percent buy daily. The remaining students buy some days and pack on others. Pizza was, by far, the most popular food. Thirty one percent of students selected it as their favorite. Other popular foods included French toast and chicken patties.

Students would love to add some menu items, but most will probably not show up in the cafeteria, because they are not healthy choices. For example, many students would like to see the cafeteria serve brownies, cake and donuts! Liliana B. would like to see Pocky and ice cream added to that list. The cafeteria does offer some delicious cookies and a few slightly healthier sweet treats like granola bars and Rice Krispie treats.

Most WAIS students love the food, the chance to talk with their friends, and the many choices in the school cafeteria. Braelynn R. likes being able to choose her own seat, saying "I get to sit with my friends wherever I want to." Leo C. agrees that the cafeteria lets him have the time to talk with his friends.

All that talking might have a downside, though. Most students polled said that the one thing they would change about the cafeteria is the noise! Kalissa R. explains that sometimes it’s really loud in there. Carter L. agrees, saying "I don't like when the whole cafeteria is yelling. Sometimes I have to cover my ears."

So, whether you buy or pack, lunch at WAIS can definitely be the best part of the day. But maybe we should all talk a bit more quietly!

Students can select their own toppings to build their favorite burger.

The number one complaint about the cafeteria? It can get LOUD!


In last week's survey about school lunch, we asked readers to guess what percentage of students would choose pizza as their favorite lunch food in the survey. The student with the closest guess earned a free treat from the cafeteria snack rack. Thirty-one percent of WAIS students selected pizza as their favorite lunch food. Emma U. guessed 35%, and her guess was the closest! Emma, please see Mrs. Korin in room 707 to get your prize.


Students sell pink beads and bracelets to raise money for Making Strides of the Lehigh Valley.

October 12, 2018

By Braelyn G. and Hayden E.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the Student Council and National Junior Honor Society are organizing a Pink Out in support of this cause. So what is a pink out? A pink out is an event where you wear pink to show support for people who have breast cancer. Wearing pink for this cause happens all over the world, and now WAIS students can join in.

Do you want to help? Well, the school is selling pink beads for $2 and pink bracelets for $1. You can purchase them at each morning entrance before and during homeroom. These pink items will be on sale until Pink Out day, which is on Friday, October 19. The money from the sale will be donated to Making Strides of the Lehigh Valley, an organization that helps people with breast cancer. You can also just donate cash or checks. Then, on October 19, wear your beads, bracelets, and other pink gear to show your support.

The announcements on Warrior Wake-up News have been working well. In a survey of one class, 95% of the students knew about Pink Out day. Sadly, 5% of them also know someone that has breast cancer. Braelyn G. plans on wearing pink in honor of her 2nd grade teacher who had breast cancer. Help show your support for this important cause - buy a pink necklace or bracelet before they are all sold out!

Making Strides is a walk to raise funds and awareness for cancer patients. It is organized by the American Cancer Society.

Cross Country Team WINNING MEETS And Having Fun

Members of the Cross Country team wait to board the bus for their latest meet.

October 12, 2018

By Lillian W. and Kylie L.

The Cross Country team has been practicing, competing, and winning this season, and a doing well at their meets. But most importantly, cross country is really fun according to all the people who are involved in it.

On Mondays, Cross Country members usually meet to do their running task for the day. They start off by stretching. Then, if the weather is nice, they go outside and run a lap around the school.

Many Wilson Area Intermediate students are involved in cross country. Abymarie C, a sixth grader enjoys cross country. She said, ¨I like it because we can get more exercise out of cross country.¨ She likes running laps with her friends. If she had to rate her sport on a scale of 1-10, she would give cross country a 10 because "cross country is awesome." She even wants to run more and longer laps!

Rachel K. agrees that cross country is really fun. She states that the sport introduces her to new things. She also enjoys running laps. In fact, if she had to change one thing about the sport, she says, "I would add extra time to do more laps.¨

Are you convinced that cross country is amazing? Then you should do it next year! Although cross country is not accepting new athletes at this point in the season, you can join next year.

Need a Buddy? Be A BUddy!

Students in Buddy Up will be doing some gardening, along with other fun activities.

October 12, 2018

By Juliana J. and Teagan W.

Looking for a club to join? Buddy Up is a program that will let students in grades 5-8 meet new friends.

The first meeting is Wednesday October 24. The club will meet every other Wednesday. There are usually 20-25 kids in the club. During Buddy Up, students will garden, draw, and do fun activities together. If you join, you will meet new people and have fun. Juliana J. is hoping to join. She says, "It seems fun and I can meet new people."

If Buddy Up sounds like something you would like to do, speak to Mrs. Pickering, the club advisor.

Students in Buddy Up get a chance to meet people they don't see in class.

Working together on art activities is a fun way to make new friends.


These YES trip participants are full of smiles as they prepare to embark on their educational adventure.

October 5, 2018

By Addison H. and Isabella R.

On Friday, October 5, the YES trip participants departed for an amazing educational adventure to Florida. This is the twentieth year for the Disney YES trip. Each year, 24 to 30 students particpated. That means more than 500 Wilson students have had the opportunity to experience this trip over the years! Students will be participating in workshops, hands-on learning experiences, and visiting the world famous Disney parks.

The Disney YES trip stands for Youth Education Series, and despite the fun, a big focus is on learning. Mrs Silfies, one of the YES advisors, has been chaperoning the trip for 12 years. She said that her favorite parts of the trip include,"planning the YES program, eating the delicious food, going to Hollywood Studios, and getting to learn new things." This year, one topic students will be learning about is gravity.

The seventh and eighth graders on this year's trip will spend 5 nights in Florida. Hopefully, they packed enough for the trip! The lucky students on this final Disney YES trip are going to have a blast learning and making memories to last a lifetime.

The Disney YES projects on display were created by students on the trip.

These Mickey balloons look ready to fly off to Florida with the participants.


The junior high football team meets in Coach Tigar's classroom due to a rained out game early in the season.

October 5, 2018

By Brianna P. and Lacey S.

This fall, the 31 student athletes on the junior high football team are working to become “better people, better students, and better athletes” according to their coach, Mr. Tigar. The team has two coaches and one team manager, and the players are about halfway through their season.

Mr.Tigar, who is also one of the four gym teachers at Wilson Area Intermediate School, talked to us about his job as head football coach. He says he is responsible for overseeing all of the things happening with the football players. He takes the team motto of “better people, better students, and better athletes” seriously. He says, “I have to make sure they are being positive role models in and out of school, all of their school work is being completed at an above-average level, and their attitude and effort during practice and games are putting them in a position to become better at the game of football.” He spends his time working with all the members of the team, their parents and guardians, the teachers and the other coaches to help students be the best they can. He also plans practices, teaches the players how to play the game, and develops game plans for each opponent. Even though that sounds like a lot of work, he says he really enjoys it.

Kenneth S., an 8th grader on the football team, and a student at WAIS, enjoys being a part of the team, too. He started the year with a football camp, and says most players have been playing for years, although the team has 5 first year players. While he thinks the team could have better teamwork, he says that playing and practicing with the team “is a pleasure.” Unfortunately, he says the team doesn’t have any wins yet this year, but he is confident that “it’s coming.”

Mr. Tigar agrees that the team can end the season strong. He says, “Ultimately, positive individual effort and hard work will lead to team success. It is my job to hold our players accountable and make sure I am putting them in the best position to succeed.” He plans to continue building on the team strengths and improving their weaknesses.

“It is a constant process,” he explains, “In order to finish the season strong, we have to understand how to set and achieve our short term goals to that we can achieve our long term individual and team goals. The only way we can do that is through hard work, practice and reflection. Games provide us an opportunity to showcase our hard work and see where we need to improve. From there, we need to make decisions on how we are going to continue to get better.”

It’s not all hard work, though. The football team finds ways to have fun, even when they are practicing and working toward their goals. One player, Joey G., is known for finding a way to make the players and coaches laugh. Mr. Tigar says, “His attitude on and off the field makes him a person everyone wants to be around. We all enjoy Joey as both a teammate and a friend.”

The students of WAIS wish the best of luck to the team as they continue their quest for success, on and off the field.


Students wear blue to support anti-bullying initiatives.

Students pledge to be respectful.

Student council banners promoted the event.

October 5, 2018

By Makenna S., Brianna W. and Kiera H.

On Monday October 1, the Student Council sponsored a "Wear Blue to Stomp Out Bullying" day at the intermediate school. This event was to bring attention to the fact that while many people have been bullied in the past, we are not going to bully others anymore, and we will stand up for people who are being bullied.

Bullies can do many things to hurt others. Sometimes, they say things to people that are not nice, or abuse people. According to, bullying is "unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time." The website adds that "both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems."

On Wear Blue day, students wore blue and pledged to stomp out bullying. We spoke to Kalissa R. and Charlie W. Both students wore blue to support others who had been bullied, even though they had not been bullied themselves.

All Wilson Area Intermediate School Students should say no to bullying. Being a bully to others is hurtful. That is why if you see someone being mean, you should say, "No! Stop it now." Join us to stomp out bullying!

THe Most important Meal of the day

This tasty food was the breakfast choice on September 28.

September 28, 2018

By Alessandra R. and Brielle H.

This year at Wilson Area Intermediate School, students can get a nutritious, delicious breakfast - right in their classroom! Last year, students had the option to eat breakfast in the cafeteria before school, but this year, we are trying a new program. Students get to choose which breakfasts they want to eat by looking at a monthly menu with many different options. Then, student volunteers bring the breakfast to your classroom. We only have two different kinds of milk, but we have a variety of food such as frudels, fruit, pop tarts, granola bars, and cinnamon rolls.

Sixty-three percent of the students we surveyed had tried breakfast in the classroom. Here are some of their opinions and favorites. The Ultimate Breakfast Round was the most popular breakfast item, with 35% of students choosing it. Pop-tarts were a close second at 31%. Bananas and apple slices tied for the most votes in the favorite fruit category, but students have also enjoyed peaches, plums, pears, and strawberry applesauce. It's probably not a surprise that 80% of students prefer chocolate milk, but did you know that 22% of students drink their fruit from the cup without using the spork? Finally, forty-two percent of students admit that they sometimes eat breakfast at school after eating breakfast at home. They must be really hungry!

Many people prefer to eat at home like fifth grader Chase C. Seventh grader Alexis H says, "It's fine, but I wish I could still be able to eat with my friends, from different classes as well." Another drawback to eating in the classroom is manners. According to fifth grader Kalla B., some students talk with their mouths full! Still, most students are enjoying breakfast in the classroom. Sixth grader Abymarie C. loves eating her breakfast at school, and thinks the cafeteria serves really good options.

According to Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom, "Breakfast is critical to childhood learning and health, yet many children start the school day hungry." This program makes it easy for everyone to start the day with a good breakfast. Eating breakfast helps students have higher attendance and better grades. If you haven't tried breakfast in the classroom, sign up on the menu for the month of October, which was handed out in your homeroom.

Two students carry the breakfast bag to their classroom.

A good breakfast helps our football players fuel up for the game.

Books and breakfast - a perfect combination!

Wacky Sock Wednesday

September 28, 2018

By Liliana B., Izzy R. and Abymarie C.

Wacky Sock Wednesday was on Wednesday September 26. Each year, the Student Council sponsors theme dress days. This year, they decided to start with a fun day called Wacky Sock Wednesday. The Student Council decided on a crazy sock day because they thought it would be fun. Students were asked to wear their wildest, zaniest socks to school. Many students participated. The next theme dress day is scheduled for Monday, October 1, when WAIS students will wear blue to stomp out bullying.

Seventh grade Students earn incentive

Eligible students enjoyed the time with friends earned through their good work.

Students enjoyed a day of fun and learning through games like Math Battleship.

Students pause to take a photo while filling in a parts of speech Mad Lib.

September 28, 2018

By Brooke H. and Mohammad T.

On Thursday, September 27, the seventh grade held an incentive day. This was a fun way of rewarding those students who get good grades and and have at least a 9/10 behavior score.

Most of the 7th grade was eligible to participate. In the core classes we did quizlets, completed puzzles and challenges, solved mysteries, and much more. After lunch we all watched the fun and exciting movie Radio. The movie was about a kid with disabilities who helped on a football team and soon went to be the teams’ football coach. This movie was part of our anti-bullying curriculum, and reminded us to treat others with respect, even when they are different from us.

The 7th grade had lots of fun doing these activities, but many people said that they were frustrated with the little amount of time they had in each class. “It was very fun but annoying at how little time we had,” Mohammad T. agrees. Mrs. Kirsch reported that her class was very unhappy they didn't have time to escape from the janitor's closet during their virtual escape room challenge.

Nearly everyone enjoyed the movie. Mrs. Cunningham was happy to hear that, saying, “I absolutely love this movie and I’m glad all the student enjoyed it too.”

Students who didn't get a chance to participate can join the next incentive by keeping their grades up and avoiding behavior infractions. At least one seventh grader is already looking forward to it, and she says, “The movie was one of my favorites and I can’t wait ‘til the next time.”

The afternoon movie, Radio, taught important lessons about treating others with kindness.

A seventh grade student ponders the answers to the challenging puzzles on team day.


The enthusiastic Scribbler staff can't wait to interview you for our next articles!

September 21, 2018

By The Scribbler Staff

The fifth through eighth grade students at Wilson Area Intermediate School are excited about joining extra curricular activities for the 2018-2019 school year. The school has a wide variety of available activities for students, including yearbook, chorus, band, newspaper, science and drama.

The yearbook club started off the year by holding a meeting to choose the new yearbook cover. They chose the theme "True Blue, Bold Gold." A member of the yearbook staff, Christopher G. says, “I joined this club because I want to be part of designing the new yearbook." Yearbook meets on Thursdays, and yearbooks are on sale for only $27 right now.

In drama club, seventh and eighth grade students tried out for the fall play, "The Snow White Variety Show." Kailee J., one of the lucky actors chosen for a part, confessed, “I joined drama club because my friends are in it.” Drama isn't just for people with acting dreams, though - you can also join as part of the backstage crew. Drama club meets on Monday and Wednesday. Their first play (for 7th and 8th graders) will be in December. The 5th and 6th grade play will hold auditions and sign-ups in January.

A new club this year is Science Club. Students interested in this club will be doing hands-on activities, conducting experiments, and going on field trips. The first meeting is on Monday, September 24. Kathy C., who is planning to attend the first meeting wants to join "because you can learn new things.”

Band and chorus are off to a good start, too. The band has elected four new officers. Amanda K. is the president, Claire A. is the vice president, and Maura C. and Angela C. will be librarians. The fifth grade band meets Tuesday and Thursday after school, and the 6th-8th grade bands meet during the school day. Akim G. is already planning on getting ready for the first concert in December by "turning [his] saxophone and dressing properly for the concert."

In chorus, students attended the first meeting on Thursday, September 20th, and are already starting to prepare for the holiday concert in December. Isabella R. says, “I like chorus because everyone works together to sing.”

Of course, if you are reading this, The Scribbler, our school newspaper club, has also started for the year! In Scribbler, we produce two great publications, Scribbler Weekly and Scribbler Magazine. Scribbler Weekly is all about the news, and will arrive in your inbox every Monday morning to let you know what is going on at the school. Scribbler Magazine is published four times a year, and showcases creative writing. New member Lacey S. says, “I wanted to try it because I've never been in a newspaper before.” The Scribbler meets on Fridays until 3:30.

So, what are you doing after school? Why not get involved in one of these great extra curricular activities? Contact the teachers listed below for more information about each club:

Band - Mr. Alercia

Chorus - Mrs. Moninghoff

Science Club - Mrs. Partridge

Yearbook - Mrs. Silfies

Drama and The Scribbler - Mrs. Korin

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