Article Archive - October 2017


October 3, 2017

By Aiden H.

Evan P, Asiyah A, Fatima A, and Braelynn R are the band officers for the 2017-2018 school year at Wilson Area Intermediate School. They were elected by the 7th and 8th grade band members, who wrote names of the students who they thought were most responsible.

Mr. Alercia distributed ballots, and students thought about their choices. Kailee J revealed that she voted for Fatima because she felt that “she is outgoing, nice, and deserved the position.” Once the voting was over, Evan was the president, and Asiyah was the vice president. They are both eighth grade students. Braelynn and Fatima are librarians. They are only in seventh grade.

The band officers are responsible for giving speeches at concerts, and for helping Mr. Alercia run the band. All of the band students wish the officers good luck.


The field hockey practice field is used by both the Wilson Area Intermediate School and Wilson Area High School teams.

-Photo By Abigail S and Alexis C

October 3, 2017

By Alexa K. and Isabella D.

The Wilson Intermediate School Field Hockey team is in the middle of their season, which started at the beginning of the school year. They practice at the soccer field, and play games all over the Lehigh Valley. So far this year, they have played a total of 12 games with 5 losses, 4 wins, and 3 ties.

The Wilson Intermediate field hockey team consists of 12 players: Makenna S, Makenzie C, Bryana and Jaelyn R, Braelyn R, Ava D, Krystanna K, Joci H, Angie C, Juliette M, Melissa S, and Kaylen S.

The field hockey team works hard at practice. According to Makenna, they do “45 minutes of conditioning and after that they do 1 hour and 45 minutes of regular practice and drills”. Bryana adds, “We have it everyday after school for 2 and a half hours unless it’s a game day. Games are every other day.”

To participate in field hockey you need quite a list of things. Mackenzie says, “We need shin guards, a stick, mouth guards, goggles, a bag for everything, cleats, and athletic clothes.”

Are you interested in the Wilson Area Intermediate Field Hockey Team? Go and support them while watching a game, or you can join the team next year! If you would like to join then talk to any of the players or to Mrs. Shunk, the field hockey coach.


The September Warriors of the Month pose with their awards.

October 11, 2017

By Aubree L., Teagan W., and the Warrior Wake-Up News Staff

The September Warriors of the Month at Wilson Area Intermediate School are Erik S, Nasali C, Wesley B, and Patrick G. They were chosen by the teachers and principal because they showed the WARRIOR traits. Showing the Warrior traits means being welcoming, aspiring, responsible, respectful, inspiring, open-minded, and reliable. So far this school year, 23 students were nominated as Warriors of the Week. The staff and students are extremely proud of each nominee and grateful for their positive contributions to the building.

Erik S. is your 5th grade Warrior of the Month. He was nominated by Mrs. Housel, who describes Erik as a welcoming addition to their class. She said that he makes everyone feel comfortable and offers to help whenever he can. His kindness comes naturally to him.

In 6th grade, our Warrior of the Month is Nasali C. She was nominated by Miss Solomon. Nasali is a new student to Wilson this year and has completely embraced our Warrior values. In addition, overall, she leads by example, always tries her best, and is honest and humble in her interactions with peers and teachers.

The 7th grade Warrior of the Month for September is Wesley B. Mrs. Kirsch’s nomination explains, “Wesley is always attuned to places where he can be helpful. Sometimes it's in more obvious ways like helping a student in a wheelchair, but it is just as likely to be in small, unseen ways. And he does these things quietly - not looking for attention, just looking to be helpful.”

And finally, in 8th grade, our Warrior of the Month is Patrick G. Mr. Tarsi, Ms. Pietrouchie, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. David, and Mrs. Riehl decided to nominate Patrick. After school one day, Patrick noticed that a fifth-grade, special needs student was lost and upset in the community. He and two other boys showed a tremendous display of responsibility and kindness by walking the child, about a half a mile, back to the school building.

The Wilson community congratulates the Warriors of the Month. Thank you all for being positive role models!


-Photo By Alexa K.

October 11, 2017

By Alexis S. and Santino M.

The Wilson Area Intermediate School cross country team has been practicing for their races throughout the season, and they are working hard . They run around the Wilson area in groups. If you see them out running, don’t be afraid to say "Hi!"

Some people that run cross country are Lupitta M., Alicia W., Alyssa E., Anthony , Theo C., Janette H., Sabrina G., and Blake S. They work hard at practice. They practice every day , and meets are every Tuesday . Lupitta says, “Cross country is just running , but we have to stretch before and after practice, too.”

Many people like running cross country because it's a good way to stay in shape, be a team, and have fun . Lupitta says , “I like cross country because I like running and it makes me happy . When someone makes me upset, it motivates me to try harder.”

To support them, you can go to their meets and cheering them on while they run. You can also support them by volunteering to bring food and drinks to the meets.


Angelina, Braelynn, Koda, and Blake help sell pink beads and bracelets to benefit Making Strides of the Lehigh Valley.

-Photo By Abby S. and Lexi C.

October 17, 2017

By Abby S. and Lexi C.

On October 20, 2017, WAIS is holding Pink it Out Day. Everyone is encouraged to wear anything pink they own in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To help students wear pink, the Student Council and National Junior Honor Society are selling pink beads for $1 and bracelets for $2. They will continue selling these items during homeroom until Friday. All proceeds will be donated to Making Strides of Lehigh Valley. The fundraising goal for Making Strides this year is $181,000 and they have already raised $48,070.

Don't forget to wear pink this Friday, and make sure you buy your beads and bracelets to help Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, and Making Strides reach their goal… to stop breast cancer!


WAIS students explore Disney's Hollywood Studios as a group.

Photo by Koda B.

October 17, 2017

By Sarina G. and Ruby P.

Last week, Mrs. Silfies, Mrs. Seiple, and several other teachers took students to Disney World in Florida for five days. The Disney YES trip began on October 5th and ended on October 10th. They traveled by plane, and stayed at The All Star Sports Resort.

The students missed 2 days of school and came back after midnight. Evan P. was really exhausted the day after, and could barely keep his eyes open during after school activities. One person who went on the trip was Katie J. Katie wanted to go because it was a big opportunity. She said, “We did things like eating in the parks, seeing how they did things behind the scenes, and much more!” She enjoyed it very much because it let her know people better and let her have awesome experiences.

Katie and the other members of the YES trip went to all four Disney parks and Sea World. They went on almost all the rides. In total, 24 students and 4 chaperones went on this trip.

If you would like a chance to go to Disney World with the YES trip next year, speak to Mrs. Silfies or listen to the announcements. Sign-ups for next year’s trip will be announced later this year.


October 17, 2017

By Sabrena E. and Savannah P.

The Student Council and National Junior Honor Society held a drive to raise money for everyone that was affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Irma in Florida, and Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The students and staff donated money, and the money went to the American Red Cross. In total, they raised four hundred dollars.

Mrs. Silfies, a faculty advisor, explains, “The NJHS wanted to team up with SC to help everyone affected in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas. They came together to help people that needed it most.”

Mrs. Silfies loves the feeling of helping people. Disasters make her remember everything she has, and then realize that many people don't have anything. “I think our purpose in life is to help people when they need it most,” she added.

Thanks to the students and staff of WAIS, victims of the recent hurricanes will get some of the help they need.


Craig Collis entertains at the seventh grade assembly.

-Photos by Kenneth S. and

October 24, 2017

By Kenneth S. and Sarina G.

On Monday, October 23, 2017, a magician named Craig Collis visited Wilson Area Intermediate School. He performed magic tricks at three different assemblies, thanks to the National Junior Honor Society and Student Council, who sponsored the event.

Mr. Collis performed many different magic tricks. For example, he turned a regular sized coin into a even bigger coin! Next, he had an ordinary cloth and when he shook it, many coins appeared. He also did singing acts involving puppets. In one, he pulled out a long piece of cardboard which had a small college person puppet attached. He used his head in place of the puppet’s head while he made it dance.

While Brady W. did not like the magician because he doesn’t like magic, most students disagreed. James H. thought the magician was cool, and Noah P. thought the magician was pretty entertaining. Abymael C. was pulled onto the stage as an audience participant. He and Holly E. had a chance to choose the coin purse that contained something valuable - a $20 bill. He was disappointed that he didn’t choose the right coin purse to win the $20, but Hunter V. thought he had figured that trick out. Hunter guessed that none of the purses contained $20. Instead, he thought that Mr. Collis palmed the $20 and pretended to take it out of the third purse. Since a magician isn’t supposed to reveal his secrets, we’ll never know if Hunter was right! (Although Mr. Collis did reveal the secrets to a few simple card tricks so that students could try them on their family at home.)

Mr. Collis has performed magic in many places. He visits libraries, schools, and festivals. He appeared at the winter Olympics, at Lincoln Center in New York City, and with the show “The Magic of Broadway”. The students of WAIS were lucky to have the chance to see him perform.


The football team gets ready to play against Bangor on Monday, October 23.

-Photo By Hallee W.

October 24, 2017

By Samantha M.

The Wilson Junior High Football team has been working hard all season. They practice at the Wilson Area High School Football field. When they don’t have games, everyday after school they practice at 5 o’clock.

The team consists of 23 players: #10 Damon S, #12 Cayden S, #13 Luis C, #20 Zack G, #21 Damian S, #22 Zakai H, #23 Kyle H, #24 Blaze H, #25 Gavin N, #26 Clayton W, #32 Josh M, #38 Evan T, #41 Eric S, #45 Anthony C, #50 Naim H, #53 Dillon W, #54 Andrew C, #55 Max M, #56 Tyjae B, #60 Brett T, # 75 Robert N, #78 Parker L,and #79 Emmanuel M. The Head Coach is Brandon Tigar and the Assistant Coach is Gene Howey.

At practice they run their plays and drills, set their game plans, and do a lot of conditioning. According to the players, the pads to their uniform aren’t very heavy, but are very uncomfortable to wear on hot days. Their final away game vs. Easton is on Tuesday, October 31 from 4:30-6:30. Head out and support the team!


October 31, 2017

By The Scribbler Staff

The seventh grade held their eleventh annual pumpkin decorating contest during the fall festival team incentive on Friday, October 27. There were many amazing entries, but students voted Morgan V.'s steampunk dragon pumpkin as the best overall.

Following the benchmark testing, eligible students played games, voted on the best pumpkin, and created fall crafts at the festival. There were many great entries, and winners were chosen in the categories of best animal, most artistic, spookiest, best character, best pair, most holiday spirit, funniest, and most unique. Students finished the day with the pep rally, and then learned which pumpkins had been chosen as winners.


October 31, 2017

By The Scribbler Staff

On Friday, October 27, seventh and eighth grade students were entertained and inspired at the fall sports pep rally. The rally included performances by the band and cheerleaders, and honored members of the field hockey, cross country, and football teams.

Ms. Pietrouchie, Mr. Tigar, Mr. Falcone, and Mrs. Shunk gave speeches encouraging students to join sports teams and clubs at the middle school. They emphasized the importance of being involved in the community of the school. Each coach also paid tribute to the hard work and dedication of the athletes in their programs.

Koda Barrett, who organized the event, spoke for the cheerleaders. In her speech, she shared that she had made connections with friends and great memories through her involvement in school sports and clubs. She earned a round of applause both for her speech and her great effort at organizing the rally.

The rally concluded with the band playing "Hail to the Warriors" as the cheerleaders threw candy to an enthusiastic crowd.