weight loss testimonials

Leanne No confidence

My weight made me feel depressed, but now I feel so much more confident generally, and much more motivated to lose it. I’m noticing how easy it is to “eat sensibly” almost without thinking about it. I don’t know how it works, but it does!

Holly Much more than weight control

When I went to Sue I hoped she would help me lose weight. What I discovered was weight loss is just part of her package, the real lesson is understanding how to be in control of your life.

It’s great to feel that weight dropping off. No more secret binging. Thank you.

Alice No more emotional hunger

I can’t believe how I don’t feel hungry all the time anymore. Now I can go between meals without constantly thinking about food. I didn’t realise how much my eating was linked to my emotions.

Mark Keeping it off

Great, lost 3 stones, and keeping it off!

Jane Automatically choosing healthy foods

It was a gradual process, but after the 3 sessions I found myself almost automatically choosing healthy foods, and my portion sizes have decreased. I just can’t eat the quantity I used to anymore, and I don’t often want to eat between meals because I’m not hungry.

Sarah Not tempted The autumn cruise was wonderful. You know there was all that food and I didn't put on any weight at all. I wasn't even tempted to overeat. It was the nicest, yet strangest feeling, and I am so pleased with the results.

Kay No more cakes and ice cream

I just found myself walking past the cakes and ice cream in the supermarket!

James Compulsive eating

What a relief to finally be able to stop my compulsive eating. I’m feeling so much healthier since I stopped stuffing myself all day. Losing weight and feeling much happier.

Jannine Stubborn weight

Sue's hypnotherapy has given me far, far more than I anticipated. I went hoping to lose that stubborn bit of weight that seemed so hard to shift and more importantly, to keep it off for good.

As well as losing the pounds I also lost fears and anxieties. Plus, I gained a calm confidence, and all aspects of my life have improved, including work, health and relationships.

Dennis No More Chocolate

I wanted to let you know I've now lost half a stone over the last 7 weeks. I'm happy with the amount having worked out that if my average loss is 1lb per week that would still mount up to almost four stone in a year!!

Motivation remains high. I still haven't bought a single chocolate bar in the last 7 weeks so I'm very proud of that, and I'm going to treat myself to a weekend away once I've reached the first stone mark.