past lives regression

Past life experiences can offer clients valuable insights on what may be missing in their current busy lives and what they might do to enhance their physical and mental well-being.

Re-experiencing the original fear in the safe environment of past life regression can bring relief from a present life phobia. Going through the experience enables you to become desensitized and detached from the fear.

People often also recall pleasant past life events, tranquil scenery, various lifestyles etc about past life skills and abilities.

The past life journey may begin with the client's identification with a past life character.

The first experience reported may be that of being in a physical body. The narrative may begin with self-description or the description of a neutral scene. Alternatively,it may begin with a sequence of events as the past life drama unfolds.

Hypnosis is a useful tool for exploring past lives, since it involves the experience of an altered psychological state, which makes a person more receptive and responsive to inner experiences.

Although a small proportion of people have some difficulty being regressed, those who succeed discover, to their amazement, how their present life appears to be influenced by events that may have happened before they were born.

When the perception of a past life traumatic situation is changed or re-framed, its impact on the current life is greatly reduced.

There is no conclusive evidence either in favour or against reincarnation.

I am also a medium, and you will sometimes find me at local psychic fairs giving readings. If you would like a reading rather than past life regression the cost will be £20.