weight loss

I can help you to permanently change your

relationship with food, enabling you to

effortlessly lose weight, stay in control,

and ultimately become the size and shape you desire

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Overeating or unhealthy eating is usually the result of other negative influences in our lives, and that’s why many people find it difficult to get motivated, or keep putting the weight back on.

Most of our urges to eat or hunger pains are triggered by unrelated things, like the time of day, certain people who were around, a type of feeling. It's not about restricting yourself to a specific diet - it's about changing your attitude to food

Hypnosis enables me to speak directly to your subconscious

Allowing you to let go of emotional eating (comfort eating, cravings for certain foods, stuffing down negative emotions, reward eating, or perhaps feeling tired and just not making time or the effort to think about eating healthily)

Showing you how to listen to your body, and restore the normal reflexes of only eating when you are hungry, eating the right quantities, and maintaining a healthy body.

Motivating and inspiring you to easily make those changes to your thought processes and eating habits.

Enabling you to stay focused on your goal of being slimmer, fitter and healthier.

On average, most people find that it takes 3 sessions to deal with all the complexities involved and have a lasting effect.

My hours are very flexible - daytime, evenings and weekends