driving test and exams testimonials

Josh Practical driving test worries

I’ve always hated practical tests, having someone watching you, wondering what they’re thinking. My instructor is always calm, and now that he feels confident with my driving, talks about all sorts of things while I’m driving, making me feel confident and at ease. But every time he takes me on a mock test, I turn into a nervous wreck. I couldn’t even face booking a test.

Sue’s hypnosis techniques combined with practicing relaxation at home gave me the courage to take a test. I passed 1st time. Thank you Sue.

Wendy Gymnastics success

I did it! I had an excellent grading - I actually enjoyed it. As soon as I started the nerves disappeared and I was focused and calm. Afterwards I got fantastic comments from the examiners. They said that I was a pleasure to watch and it was a top grading!

Thank you for all the help you have given me over the past few months. I have so much more self confidence and belief- I will always be grateful to you for that.

Ewan Driving test anxiety

Confident in my driving lessons, and my instructor is confident in my ability, but I failed 2 tests due to anxiety.

After 2 sessions I felt ready to try again, and during my next test Sue’s hypnosis made me feel calm and in control, and totally focused on everything the examiner asked me to do. No more hesitation, fairly relaxed but alert, and I felt confident with my driving. And yes, I passed!

Richard Studying - No more procrastination

Through your hypnosis I now feel a compulsion to fit studying into my day, leaving me feeling a lot better by the end of the day. My daily schedule is now completely reorganized with time for exercise and all those little things I never get around to doing.

Stephanie Driving test panic I was dreading my 2nd driving test. In my 1st test I started to panic and shake, and the test had to be abandoned. I felt so embarrassed, but my driving instructor was very sympathetic and suggested hypnosis. I was sceptical, but ready to try anything rather than go through that again.

Sue used hypnosis to take me through virtual tests feeling confident and in charge of the vehicle, driving just like an experienced driver would, general driving, manoeuvres, the lot, and seeing myself pass the test.

Last week I threw my L plates in the bin, and I’m enjoying the freedom of driving my new car!

Diane lack of concentration After a break in education of several years, I recently returned to studying through a home study course. I found my concentration levels to be very low, both in researching and completing the tasks, and was very concerned that I was getting behind in my studies.

I went to see Sue with some reservations about hypnotherapy, but can honestly say that since my sessions with her I have been able to focus at a much higher level. I found her to be a very kind and empathetic person with a genuine desire for me to see improvements as quickly as possible, in as few sessions as possible.