three levels of hypnosis


The ½ hour Stress Buster/ Try Out Hypnosis Session

Perhaps you would like to see how hypnotherapy makes you feel?

Want to “wind down” after a difficult day or a stressful week? Feel like you’ve forgotten how to relax? The hypnotic stress buster session, is designed to show you how easily you can relax, reduce stress, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing

Symptomatic Level – 2 sessions

This is short term care, dealing with a specific aspect of the problem.

Corrective Level – 3 to 4 sessions (sometimes more depending on the problem)

This takes care of all aspects of the problem facilitating a long lasting solution. My aim is to work with you to enable you to find your solutions, and allow you make the best possible progress on your journey to success, advancing to the point where you feel confident and empowered to continue the process yourself, and expand those skills to create solutions in other areas of your life too.

Every action begins with a thought. Now take that step and contact me.