stop smoking testimonials

Dozens of people have stopped smoking permanently with hypnosis.

John So much easier than patches

I cut down from 25-30 to 5-7 per day after the 1st session, and gave up completely after the 2nd session. The 3rd session strengthened my commitment, and I am pleasantly surprised that I am still a non smoker 3 months on. So much easier than using patches.

Heidi Bronchitis scare

I smoked for 25 years, and finally decided to give up after suffering from bronchitis. I have had problems with my breathing for a while, but I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope without smoking. The hypnosis took away that worry and got me focusing on my health instead. My breathing is much better now. Hopefully no more bronchitis.

Stacey Busy Mum

I’m a young mum with 3 kids and it can be very stressful. Now I know why Sue said that the nagging in my head to smoke makes stress worse. She said hypnosis will show me how to relax and be calmer, and I am. The nagging got less after a few days, and I don’t really think about smoking now.

Bernard Couldn’t imagine life without smoking

I needed to go into hospital for a major operation, with long recovery to cope with. I was warned that my 40 a day habit would increase the risks of anaesthesia, and I knew being wired up to machines would make it impossible to smoke, but I couldn’t imagine life without smoking. My wife persuaded me to see Sue, and during the consultation she convinced me that I could do it. Session 1, I cut down to 10 a day. Session 2, down to 5. Sue says “smoking is no longer important, you’ll just forget about it” and I noticed that I did, a little more each day. Session 3 – No more smoking. I’ve done it! Sue’s hypnosis gave me the confidence and determination to quit smoking, and it was much easier than I had expected.

Wendy Risk of cancer

There’s a high risk of cancer in my family, and I’ve tried to quit smoking with help from the doctor etc, but I always end up smoking again. Hypnosis was a last resort and I was sceptical, but it works! Sue offers a “top-up” session if it’s necessary, but I’m confident I won’t need it.

Calum Stressful job

I have a stressful job managing my shop, and Sue helped me realize that I was using smoking as a reason to have a break. Hypnosis broke the links between smoking and giving myself time out/relaxing, and now I’m taking the breaks without smoking, without the health issues, and feeling much calmer.

Brenda stopped smoking 3 months ago

I had 3 sessions with you to stop smoking. Since our last session I have not touched a single cigarette. I am at the 3 month mark which is amazing. It has made a huge difference to my life. I am also noticing the difference in my finances. I think I was in denial about how much this habit was costing me!

I can honestly say that in the last 3 months I have thought about smoking but it passes as quick as it pops into my head and it is never overwhelming

I have recommended you to every smoker I know who is wants to quit!

Barry 9 months since he stopped smoking

Ex smoker for nearly 9 months now and coming back for my fear of flying!

Jack A month on and no smoking

I haven't touched one! I have the odd craving but it passes quickly so all is going well. Thank you.

Sabrina Virtually No withdrawal symptoms

I thought you would like to know that I have still not had a cigarette and any cravings have completely disappeared! Smoked is definitely something of the past now and I don't even think about it anymore. Even people smoking around me doesn't phase me and it is certainly all thanks to your good work! I have recommended you already.

Being someone who has the weakest will power ever, I was amazed that you helped me crack this, and still am! Thank you.

Peter has recommended lots of others come to stop smoking

I had been smoking for 28 years. It is easy to give up smoking with hypnosis. I tried many times before and failed. This time I have given up for good. It is now over two months and I am not even thinking about smoking. How great is that?

Janice Feeling the benefits

I feel so much better within myself and I have more energy than before. It is amazing to feel all the benefits of not smoking especially as it was hard to see them when I was a smoker. A confirmed non smoker from that point on.