business skills testimonials

Catherine Presentation Nerves

I'd like to say a big thank you for your recent help, and for introducing me to hypnotherapy. My new job includes presentations, and I was so nervous and self conscious standing up in front of other people.

You gave me the confidence and self belief that I needed! You have a patient, and quietly focused way of asking the right questions to get the right answers. I felt confident and at ease, and completely trusted your capabilities and your professionalism. I'd be delighted to recommend your services, and already have.

Jason Telephone fear

I’m fine talking to people in the office, but talking to members of the public on the phone fills me with dread. I start to stutter, and it’s embarrassing.

Sue taught me to always have a back up plan, so that I don’t have to worry if someone asks something I don’t know, or I don’t know how to deal with a complaint. She said all you have to do is be honest and say you don’t know, but you’ll find out!

The hypnosis helped me realize that it’s ok to ask for help, and built up my confidence, and even now the ease with which I speak on the phone amazes me.

Fiona Decision making

I got all flustered when I had to make a decision, but that’s part of my job. Sue helped me to learn how to take a breath and give my thoughts time to settle, so that I can think clearly.

It’s not that I didn’t know the various answers, I just couldn’t decide which one was best for the situation. In hypnosis she explained to my subconscious that it’s ok to give yourself a moment to process the question and the possible answers, before making a decision.

Now I’m confident in my decisions, because I know I’ve given myself the time to think it through.

Eric Burn out

I’m a manager at a busy warehouse. I’ve been told that I’m a perfectionist, and always expect things to be done “my way.” As a result I waste a lot of time running around checking everything is done the way I want it, instead of getting on with my own work, and often had to work late.

Sue explained that my issue is mainly lack of trust in the people I work with, due to my obsession with doing it “my way.”

Sue used hypnosis to show me how to look objectively at the various jobs in the warehouse, as if rewriting the instructions, but just headlines, not details, and trust the people doing the job to deal with the details and, for my own peace of mind, just check their work perhaps once a week.

It was like I was dreaming that I was calmly walking around the warehouse, and everything felt so organized and “my new way” was so much easier.

It took a while, but my working relationships have improved greatly, I don’t work late anymore, and my wife says I seem much calmer.