insomnia and sleep problems testimonials

Tanya Waking in the night

I always had thoughts in my head at night and took ages to go off to sleep, then woke in the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.

At the first hypnotherapy session you taught me how to get to sleep myself and, by the time I saw you next I was able to drop off to sleep easily. This alone made it worthwhile coming. When I woke in the middle of the night I used your hot drink technique for relaxation then went back to bed and slept deeply through until the alarm woke me up. After just 3 sessions I felt altogether calmer. The concerns that used to keep me awake seem much easier to deal with now. Since then I have continued to use the turning the lights off technique to get to sleep and feel more refreshed when I awake.

Vicky Very little sleep I had a sleeping problem since I was a teenager and had tried all sorts of things to cure it without long lasting effect. Over the last 20 years I have got used to getting very little sleep and sometimes none at all.

I left writing to you this long because you have appeared to have cured it with your computer virus check thing that cleared away so much emotional rubbish that I was hanging on to, and I wanted to make sure that the techniques you taught me would continue to work. It does work and a year later I am still sleeping better than I have ever done.


My brain was just buzzing all the time, even at night when I tried to sleep it just wouldn’t switch off. I felt anxious all the time.

Talking to Sue we discovered that it was due my subconscious thinking it still needed to be on high alert all the time, like I had to be when my Son was very poorly as a baby (now a healthy 12 year old).

The hypnosis convinced my subconscious that it doesn’t need to do that anymore, and I am so relieved. No more buzzing and now I have a good night’s sleep.

Vicky Husband’s snoring keeps me awake!

The snoring volume is nolonger deafening as before. The suggestions you made about it being a kind of cat purring noise, or a kind of comforting background noise that lets you know you’re safe really work. You have a wonderful ability to make people feel relaxed and at ease and after a session I felt relaxed but refreshed and invigorated.

Adam Slept like a log

Hypnosis is so relaxing! I slept like a log the night after your session, so didn’t get to try your suggestions until the next night! The house at night works brilliantly, and I will be back to sort out my stress issues.