past life regression testimonials

Past Life

Here are some examples of what we discovered when I asked the subconscious to show us a past life that has some relevance to this life:

Simon Fear of dying in this life – died young in past lives

I am 18 and I have always had this deep feeling that I would die young, and I’ve avoided doing any potentially dangerous sports etc.

Sue took me through 3 past lives in which I died as a teenager fighting against my enemies. 1st I was in Scotland fighting for my Clan, then in the war against the Normans, then the Crimean war, which was probably the most horrific.

When each of my past lives ended Sue took me through what I had learned from those lives, courage, the importance of friends, discipline etc. The main message was that I had to let go of my fears, and focus on the future.

Emma Fear of water in this life - drowned in past life

I have had past life regression before so I found it easy to open up the memory. This time I was a man. I was flying a plane in WW2 and I was shot down over the sea. The plane was on fire and I don’t know if I was more scared of being burned or drowning. The plane hit the sea and I watched as it sank into the cold water. I was unconscious by the time I drowned, but I watched the scene as an observer. I couldn’t understand my fear before, because all the rest of my family are good swimmers, but now that I can see that fear is no longer relevant in this life I can move on.

Owen Cannot settle in this life, Nomadic existence in past life.

In this life I can never settle for long in one place, and my wife is fed up with moving house.

Sue took me through various levels of relaxation until I felt like I was just drifting off somewhere. When the mist cleared I was sitting in a tent with a heater/cooker in the middle where I lived with my family, and everyone had kind of oriental looking faces.

We spent the most part of our day looking after the animals, sheep, goats, cows. I looked after the horses, and enjoyed racing them. We lived a basic, mostly self sufficient nomadic existence, moving whenever we needed new grazing ground, sometimes bartering along the way. We mostly ate dairy foods and meat from the sheep.

I learned that where you live doesn’t really matter, it’s the family, the people around you, and your way of life that’s important. It’s shifted my perspective and I am beginning to feel that I can settle in this area.

Rebecca Very insecure in this life, fear of poverty, loss and starving from past life..

I have a good life with my family and a good job, but I often feel unexplained loneliness, I am often told I’m overprotective of my children, and I have a problem with binge eating, and wondered if this might be linked with a past life.

My subconscious showed me a past life in Medieval times. Our harvest was small and my whole village was burned down because we couldn’t pay the high taxes – I lost everything including my parents. Life was very hard after that, very little food, no security.

Seeing where my fears came from helped me to understand how there is no comparison between my life from then, to my life now, and I don’t need to worry about all that anymore.

Chris Helping with water aid in this life - died of cholera through dirty water in past life

It was summer in 1850 something, and I was about 6 years old. There were 7 in my family and we all lived in 1 room. The street outside was filthy, everything was filthy. We had no water, except the filth running down the centre of the street, which we left in the bucket for a day or so until the solids sank down leaving some liquid in the top. When it rained we collected it in a bucket. Cholera took most of my family, including myself. Now I understand my obsession with Water Aid!