fears and phobias testimonials

Christine Fear of being alone

My house was burgled while I was on holiday, and I was frightened to be there on my own at night when my partner was on night shift, and was getting very little sleep. Sue used her protective shield technique and imagining the house settling down at night to help me to feel secure and get off to sleep. I still leave the light on at night when I’m on my own, but now I feel safe and sleep well.

Pippa Fear of hospitals

I had white coat syndrome. I had a long, difficult stay in hospital some years ago following complications from a major operation. I regularly go to the hospital for checkups, and every time my blood pressure goes sky high.

I had 3 sessions of hypnosis, and now don’t dwell on that that bad experience from years ago. Instead I look forward to seeing those lovely nurses who take good care of me when I go for my blood tests etc, and my consultant is actually quite charming!

Ruth Fear of flying

My Son lives in Barcelona, and he keeps asking me to go out there to visit his family, but I don’t like boats, going by car is takes too long, and I was terrified of flying.

My friend recommended Sue. Sue took me through the whole scenario of flying in hypnosis, how safe it is these days, even how the turbulence is nothing to worry about. She made the takeoff and landing feel quite exiting, whilst showing how easy it is to relax and have a nap in the boring part in between.

I’ve been to Barcelona twice now, and I actually enjoyed flying.

Christina Fear of needles

We booked our holiday in India, and I should have been exited, but all I could think about was the vaccinations and needles. Last time I had a vaccination was at school, and I fainted! I can’t even watch anything to do with needles on tv.

But Sue taught me how to use my imagination to create a strong distraction, so that I wouldn’t be concentrating on the vaccination.

It worked! I explained my problem to the nurse and asked if I could lay on the bed whilst she did them. I took myself off to my perfect beach in my imagination, and I was so relaxed I hardly felt them. Now I’m exited about India!

Denise Fear of spiders

My mum was scared of spiders, and I guess it just kind of rubbed off. Now a mother of 2, I didn’t want them to have this phobia too. Sue had me imagine this comical spider in hypnosis, until it became as harmless as a stuffed toy. Now all I can do is laugh when I see one for real!

Claire Fear of the dentist

I needed a root filling, and I hated going to the dentist. I hated the sound of the drill, not being able to swallow, all of it, and it was 2 long appointments. I got to the waiting room, but had a panic attack and I just couldn’t go in to the treatment room. The nurse was very sympathetic and she told me that other patients had found hypnosis helped.

I sat in Sue’s little room for 10 mins crying before I could explain. No problem she said, we’ll sort this out, and she did!

Now I have a healthy set of teeth, and I can go to the dentist without worrying.

Lynn Fear of birds

I avoided going to the park with my son because of the birds. I didn’t even like feathers. While Sue was talking to me, trying to find out why I might have this phobia we discovered that it came from when I used to visit my uncle. He kept pidgions and one of them bit me when I was about 5 years old. I remember my mother panicing when she saw my hand pouring with blood.

Sue changed my perception of birds to just some creature going about it’s own business in the park, and showed me how big and threatening we look from their point of view.

Now we go down to the park as often as we can, and some of the mums and their children who go regularly have become our friends