confidence testimonials

June Re-discover your own resources

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived for my first hypnosis session, but Sue talked me through the whole process step by step and made me feel completely comfortable. Her hypnosis made me feel like I was being guided to use the resources which already existed within myself to provide my own solutions. This meant that, firstly, that the changes were much more effective and secondly, had the added benefit of massively improving my self esteem and confidence through the realization that I could help myself, rather than relying on someone else’s answers.

Paul Feeling self conscious

I felt really self conscious of my nervous tick, and I usually avoid socializing with anyone except close friends and family.

I was really pleased with the way things went at the Christmas party with people from work. I had a great time and I felt a lot more comfortable than I thought I might have been. I had comments from people about how good it was to see me so relaxed. It is a good indication of the progress I have made.

Jackie Changing her perspective

I went to see Sue when I was feeling low in confidence and unmotivated, and her sessions really helped to change my perspective and feel really great about myself again. I had some sceptical ideas towards hypnotherapy before we started, but even after just the first session I felt different. She really listens to you during the consultation too. I cannot recommend her enough…well worth it.

Maggie Wants to be respected

I could never have imagined how hypnosis could improve my life. Exploited and stressed at work, I lacked the self-confidence and esteem needed to stand up for myself. Your sessions helped me to accept that I do deserve to be treated with respect, and gave me the courage I needed to make things right. This new found confidence enabled me to take the steps necessary to stand up for myself. I now feel more confident and strong and I look forward to the future and the positive changes I am making to my life and career.

Angela confidence for music exam

I am usually a confident person, but uncontrollable nerves were affecting me when playing solo. I just had to do something about this. After just 2 sessions with you I was amazed at the steadiness and control I had and my performance was strong and confident. A 3rd session cemented a lasting confidence in my ability and I am over the moon.

Janice Self image

I turned to Hypnotherapy as a last resort, having struggled with several issues which had been sabotaging my self-image and relationships for years. Despite trying other treatments, nothing had really worked for me.

The issues I needed to address feel like a distant memory now. I feel much calmer, confident and balanced. No more constant negative thoughts, which used to be endless, and irritating. Unlike with the other therapies I’d tried, I don’t have the sense that the benefits will slip away in the future. This time it feels like the changes I’ve wanted will be permanent.