binge drinking



Only you can take responsibility for your relationship with drink.

People drink for all sorts of reasons, mostly because in moderation alcohol helps you relax and feel more sociable.

Binge drinking is all about boozing simply to get drunk. A binge drinker might believe they won't do it again, but in either case excess drinking is on their mind.

The non binge drinker doesn't think or worry about it.

Fortunately, there are techniques in hypnosis that create a new sequence of thinking, that get the brain to move from the thought of drinking to excess, to the thought of just having a moderate amount of drinks, and enjoying the feelings of being in control.

In addition, there are a host of hypnotherapeutic approaches that recondition the thought processes at a more automatic, or unconscious, level.

It's just worth being aware of the impact binge drinking can have on your life.

  • Liver problems: Alcohol in the body is processed by your liver. Heavy drinking places a huge strain on this vital organ and, if you make it a regular date, you run an increased risk of a disease called cirrhosis, in which liver cells turn to scar tissue. It may not seem important now, but if the disease goes too far there is no cure.
  • Changing your character: Heavy drinking upsets your coordination, not just physically but speech-wise, too. Getting seriously drunk might give you the courage to make a move that you might regret. Slurring your words and losing your coordination, and doing things outside of your normal boundaries will do nothing for your reputation.
  • Accidents : Statistically-speaking, if you're totally drunk you're more likely to harm yourself by falling over, or step out into moving traffic. It's estimated that alcohol features in 20-30% of accidents, and if you're comprehensively drunk during a holiday binge session, then obviously things are more likely to go wrong for you.
  • Crime time: Binge drinking can bring you into contact with crime in several ways, as a victim or villain. For example, 76,000 facial injuries in the UK each year are linked to drunken violence. Alcohol is a major factor in 33% of burglaries and 50% of street crime. In short, you're vulnerable when smashed, and not in full control of your judgement, whether you're swinging a punch because you're plastered or getting decked by someone more drunk than you.
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate: Binge drinking on a regular basis can cause heart problems with your ticker later in life.
  • Binge behaviour: Binge boozing on a regular basis can shape your future drinking habits, often leading to a harmful relationship with alcohol.