stress and anxiety testimonials

Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks


I was amazed how quickly I went into hypnosis. I tried the 30 min stress buster to see if hypnosis would work for me, and I was so relaxed by the end, I felt like all my stress had just faded away. I will be coming to the Meditation Group to learn how to relax and balance my life. Highly recommended.


As a perfectionist I was constantly stressed. Sue used hypnosis to tell my subconscious to accept that as long as I do the best that I can, that’s good enough.

I still expect to achieve a high standard of work, but my expectations are realistic now, and my stress levels are low.


Took a while to settle into the hypnosis, felt like nothing was happening, then I just somehow drifted deeper into a lovely calm floaty feeling. Sue’s hypnosis has taught me how to cope with my life in a different way. I’m more organised now and I don’t get stressed out over little things any more.


My panic attacks were making me so anxious, stressed and embarrassed, and I got to the point where I didn’t want to go out any more. Sue helped me to understand what was triggering my attacks, and we worked on coping strategies first, which made me feel more in control. Next we worked with my subconscious to deal with what had caused me to have panic attacks, and those thoughts don’t bother me now. I still get a little bit panicky sometimes, but I feel a lot more confident, and I’m enjoying going out again.


I always dwelled on everything and imagined the worst. I spent more time worrying and wondering “what if” and never really doing anything. When I look back now I am amazed at how much my hypnotherapy sessions with Sue have helped me. From our first meeting, you made me feel at ease and very relaxed and comfortable. She explained everything and by the end of that first meeting I knew she really cared about ME.

Sue is so easy to talk to and within minutes I felt I could trust her. These days I am so much more relaxed. I have so much more confidence and I laugh – a lot! My husband and my friends have all commented on how different they think I am. Thank you.


I work long hours and juggling work and family was stressing me out. Sue worked with me to concentrate on one thing at a time, instead my chaotic way of trying to do so many things at once. She also taught me how to “power nap.” I feel less tired now, and get my work done more quickly without the stress of the chaos, so I can spend more time with my family!


After a tough year of not feeling myself with stress and anxiety I decided to try hypnotherapy to see if I could be more positive about myself. I didn’t have any expectations about this, but after the first session I was more upbeat and found it easier to relax and focus on more positive thoughts. I would recommend this is anyone who wants to feel more in control of their life.

Sue TRAUMATIC EVENTS CAN STRESS YOU OUT It was only my second week in my new job and I was accused of stealing. I felt victimised and discriminated against. Although the real thief was discovered, I felt that I couldn’t trust the people there, and left soon after. It completely threw me.

My trust issues led to anxiety and panic attacks but you helped me to move forward in a very positive way.

Having just 3 sessions with you, you helped me to put the issues behind me, build my confidence again, and I now feel this could be an exciting year.