Teaching Activity ③

・7. October 2019, the Lecture Series "EU Basics" at the Faculties of Economics, Law, and Intercultural Studies of Kobe University (the number of Participants=27) started.

・Prof. Dr. INOUE takes charge of making the second lecture of this Lecture Series.

・14. October 2019 at 17:00~18:30, the second Lecture was held. Its Theme was "the Legal Base of the EU and the guarantee of the Fundamental Rights of the EU".

・This lecture series are omnibus classes aiming to provide undergraduate students with basic knowledge on the EU. Therefore, at the end of this lecture series, participating students will have acquired basic knowledge of the EU from a wide range of perspectives.

・the main contents of the second lecture are: what the EU is, basic principles of law, the possibility of political integration by the fundamental Treaties, how to guarantee the Fundamental Rights of the EU citizen.

・The following topics were covered by this second Lecture:

1) The EU as a regime legally based on its fundamental Treaties.

2) From TECSC over Treaties of Rome of 1957 to the Single European Protcol.

3) Establishment of the EU; from Maastricht Treaty to Treaty of Nice.

4) Failure of the European Constitutional Convention and TEU and TFEU of lisbon Treaty.

5) The Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the EU and the European Convention on Human Rights.