Special Activities ②

On 26th December JPN-KOR Students Workshop 2019 was held in Kobe University.

It was held as the international Workshop for Students in collaboration with Pusan National University, South Korea. (Number of participating students: 28 with 4 Professors)

・This Workshop with Pusan National University was held to increase the interest in the EU amongst undergaraduate and graduate students of both PNU and KU. It is held once a year in turn at KU or at PNU. Prior to the Workshop, students have discussed the designated topic of the EU, and have prepared their presentations in the intensive Camp. Students of both University give their presentations and give comments to each other, which should deepen their knowledge of the EU. Their friendship exchange should also help them understand how students from the other University perceive the EU.

・This JPN-KOR Students Workshop started at the year of 2010, therefore, JPN-KOR Students Workshop 2019 in Kobe round was the 10th Anniversary one. !0 students and two Professors came from Pusan National University and visited at Kobe University to participate in this Workshop and the students of the seminar of EU law by Prof. Dr. INOUE and the students of the seminar of the EU economics by Prof. Dr. Yoshii of Kobe University participated in order to make their presentations.

・Team 1 of Kobe University made a presentation of the problem of Poland as a Member-State of the EU from the viewpoint of legal science, the theme is "Populism is spreading in Poland". Team 2 of Kobe University made a presentation of the history and impact of Brexit on the U.K. and Japan from the viewpoint of economics, the theme "Brexit's Impact on the U.K. and Japan". the third presentation of Kobe university was made by one Graduate student of the Guraduate School of Law. Its theme is "the Protection of linguistic rights in the EU".

・Team 1 of Pusan National University made a presentation of Start-Up as one keyword for development of South Korea referring to the situation of the EU. It analyzed the possibility of some reformation, improvement and innovation of technology in South Korea by referring the effort in Germany, the U.K. and Finland from the interdisciplinary method. Team 2 of Pusan National University made a presentation about One Belt One Road Initiative of China and the EU. It showed esp. the relationship between the EU and China under the political and economical strategy of China and its economical impact on the countries in the Eurasia continent, for example India and post-Soviet countries.

・All presentations had great interests in the situation between the EU and Asia. We the participating Professors thought that all the participating students could arouse and deepen the knowledge of the EU. and also academic relationship and friendship between two Universities could be deepened and strengthened .