Outreach Lecture Series①

Lecture to Lawyers as the Kick-off for this Programm By Prof. Dr. INOUE

・”Governance of Sport Organization and Protect of Fundamental Rights for Pro-Sports-Player ” at the Research Meeting of the Group concerning Sports- and Entertainment-Law of Osaka Bar Association, Room No. 904 of the Building of Osaka Bar Association, 18:30-21:00 on the 18th September 2019, (the number of audience=26)

・By referring to the Legal System of the Union of European Football Associations and the Case of Bosman by the European Court of Justice on the 15th of December 1995, this Lecture explains the legal System of the European Football Organizations and the legal bases of the guarantees of rights for Pro-Football Players. In comparison with the legal system of the Sports Organizations in Japan, this as the governance system is very weak, and this Lecture presents its reason why so and reforming points.