Special Activities③

・On the 09. Jan. 2020 the Co-Students Workshop was held in EUTW, National Taiwan University. This Workshop was held in order to increase the interest in the EU among undergraduate and graduate students and foster the students-exchange between Kobe University and NTU (No. of participating students of Kobe University; 20, of NTU; 16).

・This workshop is held once a year, and this is the 3. time. Students of both University made their presentations and gave comments to each other, which could deepen their knowledge of the EU and international politics.

・In the workshop of this year, seven groups made their presentations as follows:

Student Presentation

Group 1 “US in Peacekeeping: Case Study in Western Asia” (NTU)

Group 2 “The Protection the Linguistic Rights in the EU-from two cases of ECJ” (KU)

Group 3 “Why the Effect of UN Women’s HeForShe Movement Decreases in East Asian (NTU)

Countries Taking Taiwan and Japan as an Example” (NTU)

Group 4 “Populism is Spreading” (KU)

Group 5 “The Effectiveness of Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons take UN

Security Council & North Korean for examples” (NTU)

Group 6 Brexit’s impact on the UK and Japan what relationship should the UK and Japan build

during the transi tion period? (KU)

Group 7 “Comparative Analysis on the UN Participation of Kosovo and Parestina (NTU)

・After all presentations of students, 3 participating and leading Professors made comments to each presentations.

・As a result of this Workshop, the friendship exchange of students of both Universities helps them understand how students from the other University perceive the EU. And the participating students of Kobe University understood how to communicate with students from abroad. It is a nice experiment for the students to improve their presentation skills and English debating skills.