Group Manager

The mxweb Main Page

Groups, aka member groups are user-defined collections of site members.

Go to your login page.

Type in your user name and password to log in

Available products are often in the Products section of the mxweb main page and can be accessed by clicking on their respective icons.

NOTE: You may or may not see a list of products. Only products licensed for use by you are displayed.

Click the Group Manager icon under Admin Functions.

Viewing and Editing Groups

In the Group List pane, the list of groups that you owe or the ones that you are allowed to view is displayed.

In the Site List pane, you may view the members of the site(s) to which you have access. In the above image, the user has access to exactly one site.

Click a group in order to select it, in order to view or edit it.

The selected group is highlighted: Students With Special Needs

All the group members are listed in alphabetical order in the Group Editor pane.

You may delete a group member by clicking the Delete icon beside the member.

You may edit the permissions of a group member by clicking the Permission icon.

NOTE: Group members are created with default permissions which depend on the group-wide default permissions assigned to the group member’s role (administrator, teacher, etc). This is explained in the next chapter.

You may delete the group by clicking the Delete icon. Be sure this is what you want, since this operation is not reversible.

You may set the default group permissions for any member role by clicking the Permissions icon:

First, select the member role (Administrators/Principals/Teachers/Students). For each default permission (e.g. Add group members), select one of the two radio buttons (On or Off). When a new user is created, his or her permissions will be the default ones. These can be edited by clicking the Permission icon and by selecting the radio buttons that correspond to the member group individual permissions.

Click the Save and Done toolbar icons to save your changes and go back to the previous screen, respectively.

Click the Share icon to share a group with other users.

A window pops up:

You may share the group with either a user, a member group or a site:

Type in the name of the user, group or site in the text input box beside the User Icon and click the Add button.

Click the Cancel icons below W (Write), D (Delete), S (Share), X (block) to set the respective privileges.

Creating Groups

Click Create member group}} to create a new group.

The new group is automatically named Untitled. You become automatically a group manager of the new group.

Edit the group name and enter the group ID.

Note that the name of the group is updated in the Group List pane. In the following figure, the user-defined group name is IEP.

Click the school name in the Site List pane.

NOTE: You may have to click first the Expand icon if, for example, you see your district but not your school. When clicked, the Expand icon is replaced by the Collapse icon and your district’s schools are shown. The Collapse icon can be clicked to collapse the list of schools i.e. reverse the action performed by clicking the Expand icon.

Click the Expand icon beside any of the member roles to view the respective site members. You may add any member in the newly created group, namely as normal members of the group.

You may have to scroll down in order to see all the members.

Click the name of the member you want to add to the group.

Note that the name of the member appears in the Group Editor pane.

NOTE: You may have the permission to add members also to groups that were not created by you. Click on the group in the Group List pane, then proceed in the way that has been outlined here.

You may remove a group member by clicking the Delete icon.

NOTE: You may have the permission to delete members also from groups that were not created by you.

You may set/edit the permissions of a group member by clicking the Permission icon.