eTeacher Student List

Per Class Student Lists

1. Click the eTeacher logo.

2. Click Report in the left side of the eTeacher menu.

3. Click Report Cards in the Report menu.

4. Click one of the classes.

NOTE: The Class icon reminds you that a list of students is associated to each class.

5. When the student list corresponding to a class is viewed for the first time during the current term, the list is undifferentiated, since neither progress ratings nor grades have been assigned yet.

6. After assigning progress ratings or grades, students' names are displayed

using colours which indicate the students' levels.

NOTE: The levels and their corresponding colours are described later in this article.

Individual and Level Based Flagging

Flagging refers to selecting a set of one or more students so that a comment can be applied using the Comment Browser tool to several students at a time, e.g. based on their level.

1. Flagged student: Student whose checkbox has been selected either by checking it directly

or by clicking the student's level or corresponding colour, e.g. Blue or 3.

2. Unflagged student

3. The asterisk (*) beside a student name indicates that no comment has been entered yet for the student.

4. Click on a student's name to view, enter or edit his/her marks and/or comments.

The Toolbar

1. View the comments on all the students that take the class.

2. View the comment(s) on the currently selected student.

3. Start the Comment Browser tool to browse and apply comments.

4. Start the Comment Browser tool to browse and apply standards.

5. Create and print progress reports and report cards.

6. Open the Comment Builder.

7. Use the Teacher Report Card Completion tool to view the students whose report cards are not yet completed as well as the remaining outstanding tasks.

Levels and Colours

  • Colours designate the student's level (based on the mark average or progress rating) during the current term:

Grey designates Level R.

Red designates Level 1 (D-, D, D+).

Yellow designates Level 2 (C-, C, C+ or Progressing With Difficulty).

Blue designates Level 3 (B-, B, B+ or Progressing Well).

Green designates Level 4 (A-, A, A+ or Progressing Very Well).

  • Click the Back icon to return to the previous screen.
  • Click the Flag all icon to flag (i.e. select) all the students.
  • Click the Clear flags icon to deselect all the students.
  • Click on any of the coloured boxes or the levels (R, 1, 2, 3, 4) to flag the students that are at the respective level.

NOTE: You may select and deselect students also by clicking on the checkboxes beside the students' names.