Teacher Report Card Completion

You may access the Teacher Report Card Completion tool from the eTeacher Student View screen by clicking the Reports icon.

This tool shows the outstanding marking tasks that need to be completed during the current term, for each of your students,

before report cards can be generated. The tool displays the students whose report cards cannot be generated yet.

For every student, the following fields are displayed: , (Ontario Education Number), ,

and the that lists the unfinished marking tasks according to codes explained at the bottom of the page.

At the top, the drop-down on the right allows to choose between listing the students grouped by their homerooms,

and sorting them according to their names within each homeroom group, or sorting them strictly according to their names.

Also at the top, the 6 button on the left allows the user to send this report to the printer.

The codes are explained at the bottom of the report:

Outstanding tasks are separated by hyphens. For example 1-3-4 means missing learning skills, progress marks as well as September grade.

Specific subjects are enumerated between round brackets and separated by commas, e.g. 5(So,He), which means:

Missing Social Studies, Science & Technology, Health, Physical Education marks (specifically, Social Studies and Health Education).

Also between round brackets and separated by commas are listed strands. For example, 4(1,2,3,4) means "Missing Language marks,

specifically for strands 1, 2, 3 and 4.