Categories are the individual subsections of Views that one or more templates can be attached to.

For example, a school might have two different observation forms depending on whether they are observing in an elementary or secondary school.

A category in the view can be created called “Observation” and both templates can be added to this category.

Manage Views – All Categories

When creating the category, keep in mind how the form(s) you are attaching will be used. There are different category types that in some cases behave in a pre-set way.

Here are the currently available category types:

- Observation (this is the most common category, allowing an observer to create forms on either another person or anonymously)

- Summative (this category is used for evaluation systems to summarize data from observations into a final summative evaluation form)

- Improvement Plan (this category is used to create forms that allow a staff member to create and update their own improvement plan)

- Learning Plan (this category is used for an admin to create a plan that can be filled out collaboratively by an admin/coach and staff member)

- Self Assessment (this category allows staff to create forms in which they are the subject to self-evaluate)

- Portfolio (this category is used for forms that allow staff to upload artifacts and evidence related to their evaluation)

- Journal (this category is used to allow staff to keep improvement logs)

- Custom (this category is used for custom set-ups)