eTeacher Report Builder

  1. Click the eTeacher logo.

2. Click Report in the left side of the eTeacher menu.

3. Click Reporting and Printing in the Report menu.

You may access the Report Builder tool also by clicking the Build Reports icon, if available in the menu bar.

The Toolbar

  1. Click the Done icon to go to the eTeacher main menu.
  2. Click the Reports icon to generate a report.

The Reports icon is initially disabled. It is enabled when one or more students are selected.

Report Builder

The above image represents the screen available to teachers.

This screen will look slightly different if you are a principal or administrator.

  1. Select the report type using this drop-down.

The following report types are available for Ontario:

    • Ontario Catholic 1-6
    • Ontario Catholic 7-8
    • Ontario Public 1-6
    • Ontario Public 7-8

2. Usually, only one school will be accessible to you, which is selected by default.

3. The current reporting period is selected by default.

4. Use this drop-down to select the report term.

5. All of your classes are listed.

Click on the class to view the students that take the respective class displayed in View Student Report Card.

Use View Student Report Card checkboxes to select individual students for reporting.

  • You may select one or more students. When the class checkbox is selected in Select Class,

all the View Student Report Card</span> students' checkboxes are selected.

  • The Reports icon in the menu bar, if previously disabled, is enabled.
  • Click the Reports icon in the menu bar to generate the report(s).

NOTE: For Ontario report cards, you have the option of selecting one of the two radio buttons which are displayed at the bottom of the screen:

  • Select Single File to generate a single PDF file that includes the report cards of all the selected students.
  • Select Multiple Files to generate multiple PDF files, one for each of the selected students.