The Manage Users Tool

Directions for Starting the Manage Users Tool and for Listing Users

Click the Manage Users Icon under the Admin Functions.

Type in the username, then select the site and role using the respective drop-downs. Optionally, you may type the first name and/or the last name.

Click the Search button.

The tool lists all the users at the selected site and having the selected role whose usernames start with the string entered in the Username box.

In the above image, users starting with demo1 are listed.

Click on the Next Icon arrow to see the next page of users (if relevant) and on the Back Icon arrow to see the previous page of users (if relevant).

If you want to change the passwords used by one or several listed users, select the users by clicking the checkboxes beside their usernames, type a new password in the Reset passwords to:}} text input box and click the Reset password button:

Directions for Starting the Manage Users Tool and for Registering Users

Click the Manage Users icon.

Click the Register User icon to register a new user.

Select the license using the License: drop-down. You are then asked to select one or several products that will be made available to the user:

Enabled product checkboxes may be selected. In the above image, the mVal License checkbox is disabled since it is available to 0 users.

NOTE: You may click the Manage Licenses icon in the toolbar and license the user (once created) to use additional products. The Manage Licenses tool is explained in a separate document.

TIP: If you have the relevant permissions, you may use the Setup Licenses tool available under Developer Functions to edit individual permissions. You may, for example, increase the number of users that can use a license. Please refer to the Setup Licenses document if necessary.

Set the values of the various fields as required. In particular, use one of the two radio buttons to set the user’s gender.

NOTE: User name:, Password: and Confirm password: are mandatory fields.

Click (if necessary) the Expand Icon to select the user site. By clicking this icon, the list of sites that belong to a parent site is displayed. The Expand Icon is replaced by the Collapse Icon.

NOTE: The collapse icon can be clicked to reverse the expand action i.e. to collapse a list of child-sites.

You may have to click the Expand icon more than once.

Click the site to which you want to add the user.

Just at the bottom of the Roles box, you will see a new UI component that comprises the name of the site you have just selected, a text input box named Personal ID and a drop-down named Role:

Type in the personal ID and select the user’s role. Click the Register button.

NOTE: You may click repeatedly the site to add more than one role. You may remove a role added by mistake by clicking the Delete Icon.

Once added, users become visible in the Site Manager at the sites to which they were added and under their respective role(s). You may want to edit the new user’s permissions using the Site Manager to grant him/her access to certain features. This is often being done in conjunction with the licensing process which is explained in the following chapter. Please refer to the Site Manager article.