The Manage Licenses Tool

Click the Manage Licenses icon under Admin Functions.

The Manage Licenses tool allows to grant users access to various MxWeb applications. This is done by assigning previously defined licenses to the users.

NOTE: The Manage Licenses tool does not create new licenses. Click the Setup Licenses Icon under Developer Functions to create licenses.

The Manage Licenses tool displays product licenses grouped together. For example, the Administrator License below is made up of several product licenses, including eWalk, mVal License, etc.

Product licenses can be assigned to users, as explained below.

To assign a product license to a user, start by clicking the respective product license:

The users listed under the Username header already have the license assigned to them.

In the above figure, only the media-x user has been licensed so far. You may register a new user by typing a username in the text input box beside Users and then clicking the Register button.

You may notice the new user listed under Users as well as the was successfully registered message.

Click the Delete icon beside a user name to deregister the user.