eTeacher Comment Browser

1. There are four tools that help you retrieve comments, phrases and expectations.

You may select a different tool by clicking on the respective icon.

NOTE: The highlighted icon's background is white.

NOTE: The icon that is initially highlighted depends on the menu bar tool that you selected in connection to the respective Comment Browser instance.

I. Click the Magnifier Icon to search a comment by name or code.

Search by name

NOTE: A part of the desired name, rather than the full name, may be entered.

All matching names are displayed.

Search by code

II. Click the Comment Library icon to browse the comment libraries.

III. Click the Phrase Library icon to browse the phrase libraries.

IV. Click the Expectations icon to browse standard sets.

2. Click the text box to preview, edit and apply the comment/phrase/standard.

NOTE: The first name (or the preferred name, if defined) will be substituted for ~name.

3. Five tools are provided to help you edit and apply comments/phrases/standards.

I. Click the Spell Checker icon to spell check the comment/phrase/standard.

II. Click the Eraser icon to erase the comment/phrase/standard.

NOTE: The comment/phrase/standard is erased, i.e. it will not be applied to the selected (flagged) student(s).

NOTE: The comment/phrase/standard is not deleted from the respective library or set.

III. Click the Add Comment to Flagged Students icon to apply the comment/phrase/standard to the flagged student(s).

IV. Click the Add Comment to Selected Student icon to apply the comment/phrase/standard to the currently selected student.

V. Click the View Students icon to consecutively view and hide the flagged student(s).

4. Use this drop-down to select one of the comment insertion modes: replacing, newline, appending.

    • replacing will remove all previous content and insert the new comment.
    • newline will add the comment on a new line after the existing text.
    • appending will add the comment at the end of the existing text.