The Settings Menu

Manages system-wide settings that impact all applications and tools.

mxWeb Settings Menu

Interface appearance


mxWeb tools may be shown on-screen in the main menu or hidden in the top toolbar. To select where they are shown, choose from the "Show my tools" drop-down. The tools may be shown:

  • In the toolbar menu
  • Above the product listing
  • Below the product listing


To select a preferred appearance for the main toolbar, select one of the available styles.

Access settings

To access the settings:

    1. Go to the landing page of mxWeb, where you go after logging in
    2. Click the "Settings" tool or find the "Settings" option under the "Tools" menu

Remember the last page

By default, logging in to mxWeb will put you on the landing page. With the "Remember the page I was on after I login" option, you can change that behaviour to go somewhere you more frequently go.

Always login to the default mxWeb page

This option is the default and will login to the main landing page of mxWeb every time.

Automatically return to the last section I was in

With this option enabled, mxWeb will attempt to return to the last main product page you had accessed. This may not return to the exact form or document you had open, but will get you to that section.

Let me choose which page to return to after login

If this option is set, you will get a new menu option in the main "mxWeb" menu. To use it:

    1. Navigate to the product screen you wish to set as your login destination page
    2. From the toolbar, open the first menu on the left (typically named after the currently open product or tool)
    3. Select the "Set as home page" menu option

After this point, logging in will take you to that screen.

Set a time zone

Use the Time zone drop-down to select your time zone.

Common format for dates

Use the drop-down to select the desired date format.

Available date formats:

  • Day/Month/Year
  • Month/Day/Year
  • Year-Month-Day

Set a spell checking language

Use the Spell Checker Dictionary drop-down to select the dictionary used for spell checking. Available options:

  • U.S. English
  • British/Canadian English
  • French
  • Spanish

Set an interface language

Use the Interface language drop-down to select the language in which mxWeb tool names are displayed.

Only certain sections of mxWeb currently support the French language.

Specify list size

Use the Records per page text input box to enter your desired number of records per page.

Comment selector

Click in the Close comment selector after pasting checkbox if you want the window that pops up when you click the Comment Library to close automatically after you paste a comment.