eWalk App

The eWalk mobile App is available for the iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad). The current iteration of this mobile application is eWalk 2.0.

As of October 2014, the Android version of this app is known as mxMobile.

Installing App

The easiest way to obtain these apps is by accessing the application store (the App Store) on an iOS device, and submitting a search for ‘eWalk’. eWalk 2.0 is for use on iOS platforms including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Once downloaded, the iOS device will automatically install this application.

The eWalk page in the App Store

Setting Up the Application

Before you read further, be sure to watch this video detailing how to set up your eWalk account on the iPad.

Setting up eWalk on the iPad

Following installation, the eWalk app needs to be set up on the device by entering the user's log-in credentials, in order to function properly. These log-in credentials will include their 'Username', 'System ID' and 'Hosting IP'. The hosting IP can be found in a pre-populated pull-down list. This list will contain all Hosting IP's within range of the user's iOS device, and all the user has to do is select their own.

Setting up a new user on the eWalk App

Locating Log-in Credentials

If the user is unaware of what their log-in credentials are, they can find out by accessing their MxWeb account on a personal computer. Within MxWeb, the user's 'System ID' and Username can be located in their profile page, which is found in the settings area.

A typical profile page. The information needed in order to create a new user on the eWalk App is found on the right side of the profile page under Connection Settings

Logging In Normally

With the necessary information filled in, the user can now re-enter the main page of the App and enter their password. The password will be identical to the password for the user's MxWeb account.

Once the user account has been created, the password can be inputted on this page

Using a Log-in Code to Log-In

Alternatively, if the user desires to forego the entire user set-up process detailed above, they can simply submit their Log-in Code.

NOTE: This code is found in the profile page of the user's MxWeb account.

Simply inputting this code will bypass the need to set up a new user within the App, and inputting a password.

The log-in code entry form

Performing Walkthroughs

Please reference the Walkthroughs page to learn how to perform a walk-through with this mobile application.