eWalk App

The eWalk mobile App is available for the iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad) as well as Android.

Please view the iOS app by following this link, eWalk 2.0 iOS App

Please view the Android app by following this link, eWalk 2.0 Android App

Installing the App

To obtain these apps, access the App Store on an iOS device or Google Play on Android, and search for ‘eWalk’. For iOS users, download the app called “eWalk 2.0” and for Android users, the app is simply called “eWalk”. Once downloaded, the device will automatically install the application.

The eWalk page in the App Store

First Steps

Following installation, open the app and tap the blue button that says “Select User” and then “New User”. Here you will need to enter your login credentials which include 'Username', and 'System' (Note that “Host” should already be populated, if not enter: mxwebus1.harriscomputer.io

Setting up a new user on the eWalk App

Please update your Host with our new harriscomputer.io domain

Your system ID is specified and emailed to you when your account was first setup, please contact Support if you forgot your system ID.

Locating Log-in Credentials

To find your log-in credentials are, you will need to access your eWalk account on a web browser. On the first page after logging in on the web (before clicking on eWalk), under “Tools” click the button that says “Profile”

A typical profile page. The mobile login credentials are found on the right side of the profile page under “Connection Settings”

Logging In

Once you’ve entered in all login credentials, click “Save” on the top left. Your profile information is now saved to your device. Now make sure your profile is selected and enter the same password you use to log in on the web. If your device is connected to the internet, it will sync your account and you will be logged in.

Once the user account has been created, the password can be inputted on this page

You're now all setup!

If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact Support

Performing Walkthroughs

Please reference the Walkthroughs page to learn how to perform a walk-through with this mobile application.