Watch quick how-to videos below on our available standard reports within eWalk:

How to Run a Report

To run reports, click on the “Reports” button on your main menu, then also click “Reports” in the subsection.

You will be brought to this screen.

Reports Screen

Click the name of the report you would like to run. You will then be asked to enter the initial report parameters. These could be things like: Template, School(s), Date range

Overall Template Report Parameters

Filters section on Overall Template Report

There are two options for saving your report, you can either click “Print as PDF” to download a hard copy, or click “Save report”, enter a name and click “Save’. It will then show up in your “Saved Reports” section of your main reports menu.

Click “Submit Report” to run the report. Once the report has been run it is sometimes possible to run filters depending on which report you are running.

Saved Reports