Yes! You as a Jew are very important,

This is a point so precisely pertinent,

The Torah has a special reference to you,

Although where we don’t yet have a clue! (at the moment it is hidden)

You are recorded from time afore,

You’ve a special role in G-D’s plan, don’t ignore!

Any small thing that is Jewish please do! (but nothing that is not permitted by Halacha, Jewish Law e.g. women do not put on tefillin and talis or talit and related matters, etc)

As from small beginnings, huge trees do grow too.

Don’t be shy, ‘cause for this you were born,

So here there is simply nothing to scorn,

Learn the thoughts of the Master (G-D Hashem) of the whole universe,

Return now to true Holy Jewish word and verse. (the Torah: Jewish men learn Talmud-Torah in depth and perform certain mitzvot for men only and not for Jewish women, but Jewish women have special mitzvos for them, but men and women all keep Shabbat, eat kosher food, keep laws of modesty, and many other mitzvos.)

So easy to learn, so much to gain,

We swallow each word, there is no disdain,

How smart and incomparable is our Hashem,

If only all people would know His (Hashem's) true fame!