The Birthday of the world was on Friday the 1st day of Tishrei, the day Adam and Eve were created by G-D so completing the creation of the world by Him, and Jewish people celebrate the birthday of the world every year on the 1st and 2nd days of Tishrei on whichever days they happen to fall, in Israel and in the diaspora.


To proclaim the glory of Hashem,

Is a commandment given to Adam the first man,

The sons of Noah therefore too,

Must proclaim Hashem’s Glory that is to Him rightly due. (they must also follow all the Seven Noahide Laws for non-Jewish people)

Rosh Hashanah begins the New Year,

That G-D from Creation made ever so clear,

On Friday evening G-D completed the whole universe,

And rested on the seventh day, the great Holy day of Shabbos. (Shabbos means “cease” or “stop” in Hebrew}

Adam and Eve on Friday evening,

Were expelled by G-D from the garden of Eden, (Gan Eden)

As they had failed to follow what G-D had taught,

By eating from the tree, that G-D said they should not. (they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and thereby disobeyed G-D.)

Their first sin was not repaired by humanity,

As the generations all sinned consecutively,

So G-D, in Noah's time, the great Mabul, flood sent, (Mabul, Heb: flood)

Against all the sinners, G-D, His anger did vent.

The sinners perished, but for chosen animals, Noah and his family,

Who re-populated the whole world in its entirety,

Related to Noah’s son Shem, are Jews, Bnei Israel, (Heb:Bnei:children)

Born to our Fathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob all of great fame.(G-D called Jacob “Israel” by name)

Abraham was first to recognize at age three,

That Hashem was G-D, the One Only,

Abraham also taught the entire world,

They should despise idols and learn Hashem’s Word.(non-Jewish people must follow the Seven Noahide Laws)

Abraham bound Isaac on Har Moriah (Har, Heb:Mount) as a sacrifice,

By G-D's command, the supreme test of trust, (Heb: Har=Mount)

For to obey G-D, as Abraham did, when it’s hard,

Is truly a sign of refined faith and love.

Hashem spared Isaac who lived a great and good life,

Abraham shechted (Heb:slaughtered) a ram instead, with that very same knife,

Sacrificing it right on Har Moriah, site of our Holy Temple,

In future times, upon which, Jewish people did assemble.

The akeida (Heb:akeida: binding, of Isaac) took place on Rosh Hashanah,

The shofar pleads for us to repent, in a sincere manner,

From a sheep or goat horn a shofar is crafted,

On Rosh Hashanah by a Holy Jewish man, it is sounded.

In the merit of the akeida (akeida: binding of Isaac, Itzhak) Jewish people are rewarded,

By G-D’s covenant, to this very day recorded,

Our heartfelt prayers ascend on High and so they find favor,

With G-D Who hears those who sincerely repent of sinful behavior.

The remembrance of all things, on the day of Judgment,

Comes before G-D for His Kingly assessment,

Everyone is judged, people having free will,

To choose right from wrong, they must be willing.

We recognize G-D as King of the universe on Rosh Hashanah,

As we daily do good deeds (Heb:chessed), tzaddaka (Heb:charity) and care for a needy brother,

Elevating ourselves through our righteous actions,

So that Hashem’s Kingship, by all will be sanctioned.

Making kiddush Hashem (sanctification of Hashem's name) is done daily by all Jewish men,

Jewish women too, do humbly acclaim with good deeds, G-D’s great Name,

Both doing mitzvos (commandments) that uphold Torah laws,

Never those supporting any berated and banned cause.

The shofar reminds us, to refine our whole manner,

So with a clean balance sheet, we can begin the Jewish New Year,

Improving our disposition and our whole attitude,

So that G-D and our fellows with more respect can be viewed. (do not steal, murder, covet, gossip, put down, abuse, conspire against, deceive...)

The ram’s horn, the shofar, calls us to repentance,

For all our wrongful actions, and to pray for G-D’s kindly acceptance,

Its stirring sounds plead with us on Rosh Hashanah,

With each shevarim, teruah, tekia and tekiah-gadolah. (these are the sounds made by the tokea when he sounds the shofar ).

Our behavior to G-D is probed for signs of evil,

G-D in His Holy judgment, assesses all the world’s people, (Jews and non-Jews are all assessed)

Every person is judged, no exemptions allowed,

G-D’s verdict on Rosh Hashanah for the world is indeed profound.

We eat apple dipped in honey on the first night, (or dipped dissolved in sugar)

The challah (Heb: bread) is sweet, round and baked just right,

Symbolic of life, favored with sweetness from Hashem,

This is what all Jews pray for, that too is our aim.

By being able to serve Hashem in peace, not in fright,

Reflects G-D’s judgment, when what we do is just right,

To serve Hashem in all ways, we do yearn, (to love Hashem and perform the commandments as He commanded us, and appreciate all he gave us, Israel, not to ever be ungrateful)

In a state in which our daily needs, not be our constant concern.

We eat the New Year symbolic foods,

Fish, so we should likewise proliferate, bearing more Jews,

Challah dipped in honey, for a sweet New Year, (or dipped in dissolved sugar)

Dates, so that our foes be consumed, so we’ll not fear.

We eat carrots, with the hope that Hashem,

Will increase our merits, as their name is “mehren” (means “increase” in Yiddish and is also same sound as the word for carrots)

Pomegranates we do also eat, in the hope that,

Our merits, like its numerous seeds will proliferate.

Eating each symbolic food (there are several) is preceded with a declaration,

That we hope G-D will give us help, to fulfill its symbolic association,

In all facets of life, we do implore G-D for help,

From G-D in Heaven only, that is our intent. (We pray only to G-D and non other)

On Rosh Hashanah, the A-lmighty let it be recorded,

The sincere prayers of Sarah, Rochel and Hannah would be rewarded,

So that their long-awaited, deeply yearned for infants,

To build their righteous Jewish homes, in full term (of pregnancy) would have existence.

It is only G-D on Whom we rely,

For all our needs He is the Only One, (there is no one other than He at all)

To none other, do our hopeful eyes turn,

We obey G-D’s commandments, we Jews are G-D’s first born.

By eating kosher food, dressing modestly, observing Shabbos,

A great elevation of a Jewish soul, nashama is endorsed,

On this basis a Jewish person is then able, in time to learn,

How all the Holy mitzvos (commandments) to realize, each one in turn. (mitzvos according to each person's gender role and not against it, and excluding any mitzvos that we are unable to perform these days because the Holy Jewish Temple is not standing at the moment)

Shanah Tova u’Mesuka – A good and sweet year.