Logic is a linked progression,

From one truthful observation,

To the next of equal value,

Both connected and totally true.

Joining them is truthful thinking,

Without even a hint of flinching,

Away from logic of the mind,

That of “2 follows 1”, does us remind.

As we know, the world exists,

Mute with silence, it still speaks, (Psalm19.4 “There is neither speech nor words; their voice is not heard.”)

“Whispering” answers to our questions, ( Psalm19.2 “The heavens recite the glory of G-D, and the sky tells of the work of His hands.”Psalm19.3 “Day to day utters speech, and night to night tells knowledge”)

Of creations and inventions.

Logically, we can’t ignore,

That all things are accounted for,

Important question, therefore being,

The origins of anything.

Agreed we are, all that exists,

Made or invented is, logically one thinks,

All creation does have a start,

One asks ”Whoever is so smart?”

The answer is of course Creator,

Supreme Inventor, no imitator,

The One Who did Himself reveal,

To Adam in Eden, did not conceal.

G-D, the world in His great kindness,

Ex nihilo, made from absolute nothingness,

“Ki l’olam chasdo”, we learn, (Psalm 136.1)

Means “Hashem’s kindness is eternal”.

G-D created two small points at first,

Each smaller than a mustard seed, to make Heaven and earth,

G-D later commanded that we should fulfill,

The goodness and ethics that are in Torah instilled.

To Heaven and four (4) elements, G-D gave birth,

From air, earth, water and fire, G-D made the whole earth,

G-D arranged them all in six (6) days of Creation,

Heaven, earth and all things diverse in them, in Bereshis (Genesis) mentioned.

Why would we ever think, that the earth we tread,

Is as if nothing, not real, instead?

Appearing ownerless, hefker (Heb: ownerless), without importance?

That does not mean it has no origin and inherent purpose.

What about the air we breathe?

It is not useless, we must agree,

Inspiration and breathing in,

Are related to each other, it really does seem.

With six (6) laws for a straight path,

G-D gave Adam and Eve, to ward off wrath,

None other was at all with Him,

It has in Torah written, been.

From this we also easily see,

That G-D Creator, man cannot be,

The foolish do this contradict,

With truth they’re clearly, in conflict.

G-D did assure us He’s not man,

There is no need to change His stated plan,

To do so is a sinful act,

That further, is not based on fact.

It is an evil of great shame,

For slighting G-D’s great and Holy Name,

Judgment will be quite severe,

On people who, G-D do not fear.

Why would a person relegate,

To second place, what is Perfect?

Why would his soul, a person choose to harm,

By avoiding the Will of the Only One? (Hashem)

"There is nothing else besides Him”, “Ain od milvado”,

( Deuteronomy Devarim 4:35)

There is no one or anything like G-D, above or below,

So our “backs we don’t turn”, to our Source, our Creator,

He Who sees all and knows all human behaviour.

In the morning upon rising, Jewish people think,

Our acts analyzing, to with Hashem link,

Ensuring that G-D’s Will, we are properly fulfilling, (following the mitzvos: commandments)

Our sole and entire purpose, as a human being.

G-D detests all idols and all false beliefs,

He is good to virtuous people and even the cheats,

Ultimately fulfilling His Kingly judgement,

Punishment for sinners and reward for the righteous.

No physical image of G-D may be made or found,

As by constraints, He is not bound,

In awe we contemplate G-D’s Holy essence,

As no image may be made of His Holy Presence.

G-D fills all the Worlds, He is Supernal,

Beyond time or space, Being infinite and eternal,

The source of all souls that He Alone created,

And life of man as G-D has dictated. (in the Torah, different from animals)

G-D’s Holy Soul He breathed into man,

Making man to rule over sea, sky and land,

Knowing the difference between sinning and good,

Man’s work is to revere G-D and for sin to preclude.

For us, it has been made so simple,

To thank G-D, by Jews His people,

Saying just a simple bracha, (blessing)

Before eating food and after.

Acknowledging G-D our maker,

Was done by Abraham and then later,

By his son Yitzhak and grand-son Yisroel,

Then twelve Jewish tribes that from Yisroel came.

Yehudim,“thanking G-D”, from “Yehuda”,

Is the name we Jews are most known by far,

Jews are known for logic thinking,

As to untruths, we’ll not be sinking.

Torah of truth, Toras Emes, (Torah is the five books of Moses, the Jewish Prophets and the Jewish Holy Writings, and the Talmud)

The Holy Book which we profess,

We Jews, the book of life uphold,

Unique and flawless, more than gold.

We Jews all love to thank Hashem, (G-D)

Spread His light throughout the realm,

Doing mitzvos, as G-D wants,(mitzvos:commandments, according to gender roles)

G-D loves our true sincere response.

Authentic Jewish teaching’s been given us,

Hidden and open miracles, them we all trust,

Our day to day existence is,

Filled with multitudes of miracles.

To be blase about our lot,

In life as Jews, would be a blot,

We daily say “Baruch Hashem”, (Blessed be G-D, Hashem “The Name”)

Invoking G-D’s great and Holy Name.

For every matter, though obscure,

Hashem has given it a cure,

A remedy is also part,

Of true repentance on G-D's path.

If cure is slow in coming, in delay,

With patience, we must wait and pray,

Not in man’s grasp to understand,

As all is in G-D’s plan so grand.

Each day as Jews, we must all cleave,

To G-D, in Him alone believe,

Trusting G-D’s every Torah word,

None other's there, to us reward.

Verses written here are waiting, For Jewish people their re-awakening.

Come back now, it’s not too late,

Jewish always, no mistake,

Come back now, face up soon,

You’ll not regret, time’s opportune.

Jewish logic just in time,

Added to it is a rhyme,

Here guiding words, to be well taken,

Vital it is not to forsake them.

Quietly take a little time,

To read each verse and final line,

Verses written here are all awaiting,

For Jewish people and their re-awakening.

With these rhymes, it may be apt for some,

To learn Torah, and they are most welcome,

It is indeed a great and humbling honor,

To teach the good that is the Torah.

May all Jews grow, apply their learning, (each according to their individual gender role according to the Torah)

As Jewish neshamos (Heb: souls) for the Torah are yearning,

The world on the Torah daily stands,

One who is wise, this understands.

Assume not that words are here,

To simply fill the stratosphere,

Real Jewish logic here exists,

So to last line please read, don’t dismiss.

May these true words not be forsaken,

May they with due concern be taken,

Relayed are Torah thoughts unmatched,

In simple phrases here attached.