Avoid missionizing and how to begin to be authentically Jewish if you are Jewish,

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There is only one HaShem (G-D “The Name” Heb.),

For all ages is His Name,

We carefully guard our Jewish soul,

From other beliefs, we don’t borrow,

Others say we are for them (example, “j”),

Therefore they’re the ones with shame,

Simply there’s a Torah warning given,

“After “others”, go not Yidden” (Yidden: Yiddish for Jewish people).

Other beliefs we don’t discuss,

Not on our lips, nor in our voice,

We’re Jews and always have been,

In our conscience, only Judaism is seen,

Believing in the One Above,

Undivided Power beloved,

Not fractions of two’s or three’s,

For HaShem ("The Name” G-D), has this principle,

That He is One and indivisible.

Nor any other combination,

As that’s also not HaShem’s foundation,

Plant, animal, human, thing, He's not, (G-D is not a statue and cannot

be represented by a statue)

HaShem’s all-powerful without fault,

Of beliefs from A to Zed,

Judaism’s unique and widespread,

As Jews, we’re free from “other” notions,

We never turn to any such portions.

G-D the Creator of all, is indivisible,

Omnipotent, omniscient and incorporeal,

G-D is completely and utterly unlike,

Anything else anywhere, and not how some rewrite,

Therefore it is a grave severe crime,

To attempt to manipulate G-D’s Essence sublime,

Those who do so, can no effect make,

In G-D Supernal, Who knows well their mistake.

Just in case of opposition,

By subtraction or addition,

For us those words aren’t valid, they’re unrealistic,

Even if called “monotheistic”,

They’re rejected, cannot be mended.

Not be repaired, cannot be defended,

As G-D gave Seven Laws to sons of Noah,

So it’s surely G-D Whom they must honor. (by adhering to the Seven (7) Noahide Laws).

The One Above shows us His favor,

Better than the greatest flavor,

For our pure Jewish devotion,

With no reference to other’s portion,

Judaism we do not change,

G-D said it’s not permitted to rearrange,

We turn away from other approaches,

We avoid all other encroaches.

We don’t at all their words believe,

As to Judaism only we cleave,

Feeling that as we turn away,

Heaven, surely we would sway,

To true admiration,

Of such a faithful nation,

Of such steadfast individuals,

Brave to turn down other rituals.

We avoid their friendly greeting,

For in Gehinnom (Heb: hell) we’d be sitting!

Disregard their promises, quick,

Because with us they do not stick,

Things against our Jewish belief,

So make their words be brief,

Simply get out of their way,

For Hashem, we don’t betray.

Stay away, their words don’t swallow,

We do not at all them follow,

They make a person’s mind confused,

So our souls have them refused,

They obscure our true Jewish course,

For Hashem is our true source,

We love Hashem day and night,

Leave other beliefs out of sight.

Other beliefs we don't choose,

We’re Jews, we come in all sizes and hues,

We’re Jews and we confess,

By others beliefs, we’ll not be stressed,

We tell our Jewish friend what’s what,

Even if he or she forgot,

So as our friend not to mislead,

For “to other religions, we don’t cleave.”

We don’t at all say their names,

To do so is not our aim,

Of their history, we don’t seek,

Of it too we do not speak,

We don’t at all talk of their creeds,

With Judaism alone, we do succeed,

Them we are taught to ignore,

By Torah, book of Jewish Law.

Missionaries are clearly banned,

By them we do not at all stand,

They’re to be shunned as Torah cautions,

Our true concerns are Jewish portions,

Reward of mitzvos is the clue (Heb: mitzvos: commandments

for Jewish people in the Torah),

To our Torah we cling, it’s true,

In Torah there is no illusion,

Of mortal man there is no confusion.

We Jews obey laws given at Sinai,

Our own banner we do fly,

Laws in a book “Torah” are given,

Where we know what is forbidden,

Before creation, Torah was made (by Hashem, this is in the Talmud),

From it we are never swayed,

Torah is never superseded,

Man’s contrary talk is never repeated.

Our book Torah is more than gold,

On this fact we are all sold,

From house of slavery (in Egypt) we were freed,

All other beliefs are not our creed,

Of them there are many,

Of their history, we don’t worry,

Nothing of them is our story,

For we have our own true Glory (HaShem).

Let’s be frank, let’s not try to please,

Those that try to us mislead,

They shouldn’t try to change our mind,

For from this we all do hide,

Hide so as to turn our face,

To the greatest highest Place,

Hashem’s pure words to us are given,

That Hashem’s first born are us, all Yidden (Yiddish: Jewish people).

We don’t let our minds drift,

To any “others” that persist,

What is true established fact,

We have already in our pact,

Our b’ris or pact we do still have,

Our father Abraham it made so glad,

By HaShem this oath was given,

For Israel never to be overridden.

Jewish truth in Torah’s given,

HaShem’s first born are all Yidden (all the Jewish people),

It is written in the Torah,

Untainted book for Hashem’s honor,

“New additions” are contrary,

Jewish people will them not “carry”,

Such books we don’t at all collect,

Ours is the one we find perfect.

This for us is validation,

That does not endure speculation,

Forget “other’s” lines so free,

Because from them we simply flee,

To all of them, polite we’ll be,

But with them all, we don’t agree,

So, say it simply, spend ONLY a moment,

With basic facts, teach the opponent.

We don’t read or study their texts,

Quickly defend Judaism, give just the facts,

Say Hashem is the only power,

To Him we pray and to no other,

G-D has Shabbat, an eternal covenant with us,

Israel His servant, all should trust,

Simply say this, it’s all that’s required,

G-D is One, only He does us inspire.

G-D calls us Jews His servant, in the book of Isaiah,

It is G-D’s opinion that no one can deny,

As “Israel, My servant” for us is G-D's desire,

We won’t let our name Israel be in the mire,

Of the many of Israel who perished "b'mosAV", (by “his deaths” is plural

in the original ancient Hebrew text Isaiah 53:9, and is not in the singular “ his death”, "b'moSO").

For all the world’s sins we Jews have suffered, G-D sees from above,

Let those who doubt G-D, quickly relent,

As they must respect the Seven Noahide Laws G-D has sent. (to the non-Jewish people of the world)

So that it will remain whole,

Sell not for “others” your soul,

Not eastern, western nor contemporary,

Only Sinai (the giving of the Torah by G-D to the Jewish people) is in our memory,

We won’t ever let it be said,

That of us a “shmad was made” (Heb: shmad: rejecting Judaism, is a life tragedy),

It is the severest label,

On a soul, if so disabled.

If the “other” is a Jew,

Don’t believe him, it is stew,

If the “other’s” not a Jew,

Dismiss also, he’s not true too,

Take not money, food or books,

In exchange for their pursuits,

We hold out and use our senses,

By declining “other concepts”.

So proselytizers and missionaries are,

By Jewish souls avoided by far,

They come in many guises, garbs,

And some in real Jewish disguises,

Some even speak Yiddish,

Take too, all their words as feverish,

Misusing Yiddish symbols, language and clothes,

For sessions of “meshuga” lows.


orthodox”/renewal type groups also avoid,

For Jewish souls they too destroy,

They change meanings of words of Torah,

Unrecognizable, to our horror,

But we know the world as Hashem created,

In real book “Torah” well related (unadulterated, not misinterpreted),

And without a “new” attachment,

As it’s also not Torah advancement.

Missionaries do all try,

Jewish souls to re-design,

As it disables Jewish souls,

Let it not proceed, their goals,

We all pray for help that may,

Aid us in pure Torah’s way,

Let’s never ever take the chance,

To stray from Torah’s great embrace.

Never ever embarrassed be,

From proselytizers and such to flee,

Misleading words they do expand,

To soft-willed people in the land,

Spend only moments to refute,

Show that we Jews are all astute, (“astute”: smart, by quickly refuting their words, but not getting into any discussion at all of “other" texts and by leaving quickly)

Be strong and save yourself at once,

Hashem alone, Hashem rules us.


"You shall not recognize the gods of others in My presence" Exodus 20:3, Deuteronomy 5:7

"Concerning all that I have said to you, you shall beware, and the name of the gods of others you shall not mention; it shall not be heard through your mouth." Exodus 23.13

"Hear, O Israel, Hashem is our G-D, Hashem is the One and Only." Deuteronomy, Devorim 6:4

“For all the gods of the peoples are nothings, but Hashem made heaven.” Psalms 96.5

"Hashem" meaning "the name of G-D" (from the Hebrew) is used to refer to G-D without writing or pronouncing the ineffable name.