The corners of their beards Jewish men do not shave,

This prohibition distinguishes Jews from other customs depraved,

So the peyos (side levers) are also allowed to grow,

Their length to be cut slightly, with scissors only, if at all.

The beard, in the same way as peyos, is treated,

As they all are Jewish men’s distinguishing features,

A regular razor use not, on most hair, nor on a beard at all,

But an electric razor, if modified to be without “sliders” may be permissible.

The sliders may pull and tug on the hair,

So when it’s cut, it's like a razor unfair,

That is the thing, that is forbidden to be,

By G-D as He said, in the Torah most Holy.

The corners of the head, do not make bare,

The corners of the beard don’t remove and don’t shave,

To shorten the beard or the hair, do not use a blade,

A Jewish man must in this way, always behave.

In dress and in grooming, men don’t as women do,

As cross-dressing, is also a great taboo,

We flee from a life full of futility,

To Hashem Creator we want to listening be.

Men must preserve the corners of their beards,

As G-D’s word, must be truly well feared,

With a metal key, a shaver or blade sharp edge may be stunted,

So beards can be cut with a shaver, that has been well blunted. (but beards still may not be completely removed as above etc)

Or don’t shave with a blade, but only use scissors,

And cut with it just barely, the side-leavers,

This way, the length of the hair can be carefully shortened,

But not their surface area, that is for certain,

The significance is physical and spiritual,

That is the reason, for all of G-D’s Holy rule,

A sharp razor do not use, nor cut with scissors too much,

The side-levers should be left almost completely untouched.

Their length should extend to well below the ear, so as not to bend,

The rule that has been given us, which we must defend,

In a commandment (mitzvah) that we can and do trust,

Something for all Jewish men, it is a must.