What a difference a book makes, the book called the Torah.

The Torah is the book, the Torah is the teaching.

The "sefer”Torah is the Torah scroll, the “sefer” being the word in the Hebrew language for “book”.

There are many authentic Orthodox Jewish books that explain the Torah and also how to apply the teaching of the Torah in our lives. Our lives’ purpose is to acknowledge G-D our Maker, and to follow the mitzvos, the commandments, according to His Will.

However, many of the commandments in the Torah cannot be fulfilled in this day as the Holy Temple has not yet been rebuilt, so that the laws of the offerings cannot be followed, nor can some of the judicial laws be administered at this time. Despite this, we still have prayer, tefilla, which substitutes for bulls, and is our offering to Hashem, (Hoshea 14:3) "let our lips substitute for bulls", and we still have all our other mitzvos that we can perform and that we are obligated to perform according to our gender roles and not against the true intent of the Torah as it has been passed down to us in an uninterrupted chain.

Still, the batei dinim are everywhere to help resolve questions and disputes so that we Jewish people have never been left without a fair system of law and jurisdiction.

The Torah is the real truth, Torah emes (emes Heb: truth) Torah of truth.

To learn more about living an authentic Jewish life, to learn in depth the meaning and reason for Jewish authenticity, to understand clearly that Jewish authenticity is not a merely of incidental, accidental or of secondary relevance to Jewish lives, it is helpful to drink from the wellspring of Torah as relayed to us by Jewish people who live and breathe Yiddishkeit and who relay the most vital information to our attentive and receptive minds through their books, expounding the real meaning of Torah.

We must increase our learning and we must increase the good that comes from our learning to benefit the whole Creation so that our Creator will continue to sustain the whole world on our account. We may think that we are perfect, but sadly no one now walking on earth is perfect, so every day we must increase in goodness, good deeds according to Torah and in Torah learning.

Teaching to have faith and to believe in G-D alone, to carefully weigh our actions, to constantly have in mind our humble situation in the world and the importance of our actions and thoughts upon the whole world, that is the role of the Jewish person, that we have in a covenant with Hashem G-D, Creator, Maker, and Sustainer of us and the whole universe and everything in it.

This is the true reality, there is nothing like it, and there is nothing else that a Jewish person needs or wants. The following books are very very important:

Prayer books, daily siddur and the Machsorim for the Jewish Chaggim, the Jewish festivals

Emunah books, books on increasing our Jewish faith

The Torah, the Five books of Moses, the Chumash

Midrash books on the amazing background to the events in the Torah, our Jewish history

Tanach, the Five books of Moses, the Chumash and the Prophets and the Writings

Nach, the prophets and the writings

Preparing for Shabbos and following the rules of Shabbos, Shmiras Shabbos

Kosher Laws, the rules of Kashrus

The Laws of family purity, the Laws of Tahara Hamishpaha

The Jewish Calendar, theLuach

Tehillim, the book of Psalms

Our whole Jewish lives are spent learning the only “real” knowledge in the whole world, that of knowing our Creator and knowing His thoughts according to His Will as transmitted to us by Moshe Rabbenu our teacher at Har Sinai, Mount Sinai on the occasion of the giving of the Law to the Jewish nation by G-D.