It is important, if you are Jewish, to marry a Jewish person and it is a sacred duty to raise a Jewish family, read to the last line...


Marry soon, make Jewish family,

From time afore it was meant to be,

Your bashert (intended Jewish spouse) awaits only thee,

Marry soon, strengthen your family tree.

Your path is Jewish by right,

Cling to Torah, our eternal delight,

Learning how to Jewish be,

The Heavenly guided society.

Break not the chain of generations,

Plan for strong Jewish foundations,

Jewish may your family be,

Your right, hold it ever so closely.

Matched by the Creator Who controls all,

Chose two Jewish people with a Jewish soul,

And before birth selected them to be,

Wife and husband pair in reality. (bashert)

Jewish girl for Jewish boy,

That is not an app or toy,

Two Jewish people who share a soul,

Marriage will make these two people whole.

We still pray day and night,

To actualize this in our Maker’s sight,

Our will is to follow with His plan,

Jewish woman to marry her Jewish man.

Jewish children we cannot remain without,

Change for good is the whole aim of life,

Choose please now your chosen partner,

Your bashert is waiting, this is so much smarter.

Many simchas (joyous occasions e.g. Jewish weddings) may we have soon,

For many brides and as many grooms,

Nachas (Hebrew: pleasure) all Bubbas (Grandmothers) hope to have,

Zaides (Grandfathers) as well to the same extent.

Remembering all Jewish parents,

For Jewish family they all pray to the Heavens,

For the reward to their Jewish children,

Added to their own old age wisdom.

Now is the right time for choosing,

There is simply just no confusing,

For a man it is a mitzvah, (Torah commandment for every Jewish male)

Fulfil it quickly now, b’kitza ( Hebrew: quickly).

Take time out, make a move and start,

Check out the scene, see the light,

The truth is hard to disguise,

See the world with fresh eyes.

Marry soon, Jewish time to be,

Your bashert awaits only thee,

Do something really worthwhile,

Something that will bring a real smile.

(Deut.Devorim 7:3) "You shall not intermarry with them (the gentiles) you shall not give your daughter to his son and you shall not take his daughter for your son. For he shall cause your child to turn away from after Me and they will worship the gods of others"