From Ruth’s and Boaz’ union most fine,

Directly from King David’s most glorious royal line,

From the tribe of Yehuda, at the exact right moment,

G-D will bring Moshiach, our dearly awaited, brilliant proponent.

In every generation,

We have a leader of the nation,

So at this time too,

A tsaddik (righteous Jewish man) does rule like dew.(but we do not know which one it is)

Waiting just like you and me,

For the greatest prophesy,

Waiting, not pre-empting,(it is forbidden to speculate on who is Moshiach, without it being determined by Hashem)

That is the real great thing.

These days prophesy is not permitted,

To this we all have admitted,

So we wait to welcome Moshiach,

Looking for a sign so clear.

Anticipating Moshiach's arrival,

In this is our survival, (with Jewish emunah, emunah: Heb: faith)

In the principles of faith by Rambam, (Rambam: Maimonides)

It is the twelfth one. (and we believe in all of them)

Moshiach we await every day,

Patiently every moment, come what may,

The teaching we repeat,

Every day with our heart’s beat.

With the principles of our faith,

We lack nothing in effect,

To name Moshiach we cannot,

For that is Eliyahu’s lot. (traditionally Eliyahu the prophet will announce the coming of Moshiach)

Nurturing far off Yidden, (now) (Yidden, all Jewish people)

For with that, we are all bidden,

With Jewish knowledge of Moshiach,

That the whole world will find clear. (clear: after Moshiach arrives)

We await him patiently,

Every second, day and year.

Hope for good things and greater.

For his arrival sooner than later.

Moshiach we say every day,

For his arrival we do pray,

Bringing peace for our benefit,

To mend the world as we now know it.

Arrival sooner than later,

Hope for good things and greater.

Serving the One Above in Holiness,

And to live in peace and happiness.