Hashem has fully given His word,

That gives us no cause at all for any concerns,

G-D said He is the ONLY ONE,

So we don't play mix “games” as it is a crime,

To mix up other gods with Him,

We know that it is a grave sin,

Or to even mention other gods

And their rituals is so completely at odds

With our Jewish selves and our self-respect,

So please this important point do not neglect.(It is forbidden to mention other gods and their rituals -this is written in the Torah)

And with a sin, there is a payment,

Very great, don’t ask, that’s an understatement,

We comply with His command,

And don’t cause a hillul Hashem,

Don’t cause a desecration of G-D’s great name,

It’s time to give up the mix “game”,

The things that make us all ashamed,

Like mixing Jewish things with other faiths,

Like those who give an equivalence

Where there is absolutely none,

Are they “far gone”?

Those who try to fuse what is Separate, ("Separate", Hashem, cannot ever be changed, apart from having no physicality!)

Who try to mix G-D's Oneness with others that grate. (grate: things that are incompatible with Hashem and cannot even be likened to Hashem.)

To mix the Supreme Essence with the spurned, (as above)

This sin even now some have ignored,

Such a fusion cannot happen, (Hashem is One and indivisible)

Please desist (stop) as that does blacken,

Not simply your neshama (soul),

But all folks who see the whole sad drama,

It dilutes the good on earth,

Makes the Heavens cry, there’s nothing worse,

The true Judgement you will have,

For not desisting (not stopping), be afraid,

So please don’t be mad,

Just be brave, don’t misbehave,

Have the strength to separate,

All the Jewish matters that are great,

From all the other things that are not,

It’s easy to do, try it,

Judaism does not mix with any other

Ideas that are not accepted Higher,

Yes it is a serious crime,

So it really is high time,

That there be no more painful chatter,

As it’s not a laughing matter,

Be good. Smile too.