By us dwelling in sukkos (booths or huts, sukka is singular form), G-D did us Jews protect,

When we journeyed for 40 years in the barren desert,

Then we entered Eretz Israel (the land of Israel), which we took as our possession,

Of the Holy Land, as G-D promised us, in ordered succession.

Clouds of Glory, the miracle to us G-D gave,

From fierce elements and attacks, for us to save,

So we "take" the four (4) species bundle and esrog as commanded,

And dwell in a sukka for seven (7) days, but women are exempted.

We build and decorate the sukka, eat, sleep and dwell in it,

According to the directions in Torah, as it is writ, (Mishnayos Sukka)

We welcome to the sukka special guests, righteous “ushpitzim”

And honour with special verses their eminent presence within.

Commanded to us is the mitzvah of the lulav bundle and the esrog,

To wave them in six (6) dimensional directions of the whole world,

Signifying G-D’s omniscient oversight of all existence,

The lulav bundle and esrog is also of Jewish unity strongly reminiscent.

The arba minim (the four species=the lulav bundle and the esrog, arba:Heb, four) all world Jews do represent,

Each with a part of true Torah perception and intent, (but not against the Torah)

Some people not yet fully grasping the Crown of Torah,

Others, Tzaddikim, connecting daily, more than ever before.

We are all bound together as one nation, Israel,

Not one missing person is allowed to go astray,

All recorded as Jews in the Holy Heavenly Domain,

G-D’s wish is the mitzvos, to break we will refrain.

King Solomon’s Koheles we read on Sukkos,

It tells of how best to live life without flaws,

Avoiding guilt and pain by being wise,

Earning mitzvos, them not to trivialize.

At the end of Sukkos is Shimini Atzeres and Simchas Torah,

Joy of our whole nation, so close to Hashem we are,

We are asked by Hashem with Him to stay back,

And joyously with Hashem to privately celebrate.

On Simchas Torah, the rejoicing of the Law,

Jewish men dance in the shule, (authentic Jewish Orthodox Synagogue) with a Torah scroll,

The last section of the Torah is completed in joyful awe,

We again begin Bereshis (Genesis), Creation by Hashem, as we did before.

The cycle of the year, completed and re-started,

So accusations against us by Satan, would be rightly thwarted,

Our purpose and whole reason for existence,

Is to fulfill G-D’s pure and Holy mitzvos. (commandments, according to each person’s gender role)