Observe the Holy Shabbos and avoid desecrating the Holy Shabbos

if you are Jewish, read to the last line...


(and the Jewish festivals)

Shabbos, a blessed and Holy day,

G-D’s covenant with us, all Israel,

The Holy Shabbos, remember and observe,

A sign between G-D and Israel forever, Shabbos we conserve.

Shabbos a very special day,

On Friday evening it comes our way,

Shabbos resting and reflection,

On our Maker's acts of creation.

In six days from nothingness,

G-D made the whole universe,

By G-D, Heaven, earth and all things were made,

Therefore Him we will never betray.

G-D rested on the seventh, so we obey His word,

That on the seventh day we should also curb,

All our various workday activities,

To comply with G-D’s Holy Torah directives.

Shabbos also reminds all us Jews,

Our freedom from slavery’s abuse,

When the Creator of the universe,

Repeated miracles (similar to Creation) of great force.

To ancient Egypt (Mitzrayim) we descended,

And after the good years had ended,

Cruel pharaoh did enslave us then,

Many years we were in pain.

Just as the acts of creation,

Was the saving of our nation,

Therefore daily we do think,

Just yesterday we fled the brink.

Hard was labor and exhaustion,

Heavy was the cruel affliction,

But to us, salvation came,

Prophet Moshe (Moses) was his name.

Hashem G-D sent him to Israel save,

Moshe (Moses) was a man so brave,

Listened to all of Hashem’s words,

To pharaoh pleaded Israel’s cause.

By Hashem Creator speedily,

Were made miracles for us freely,

All nations did this discuss,

Creation miracles were for us.

Shabbos candles we light two,

Well before the sunset’s due,

Have precooked our special food,

Before Shabbos, so it is good.

We have two (2) loaves of bread for the Shabbos table,(for each meal)

With them we are then able,

To say a bracha (Heb: blessing) over them,

To thank Hashem, and start each meal, night and day.

They symbolize the manna, of two (2) portions,

That we collected in the desert on Friday, as G-D cautioned,

So without effort, we could eat our fill,

On the Holy Shabbos, as is G-D's Will.

On the preparations, care and effort lavish,

Also, clothing honoring Shabbos manage,

Leaving media for the masses,

Shabbos we keep, Hashem will bless us.

Moved we are all in time,

Taking mind to soulful calm,

Leaving mundane things so swiftly,

Getting to the essence quickly.

Welcoming the Sabbath bride,

We have in this a share worldwide,

Just one people observing this,

It is on earth, indeed true bliss.

Shabbos very special day,

End of week it comes our way,

Shabbos resting and refection,

On our Maker and His creation.

Cars, coins, and switches we don’t use, (and do not touch)

Phones, cards (credit), pens and gadgets we refuse, (and do not touch, including computers)

But to save a human life,

Shabbos we must set aside.

Designed by the Creator of all,

Each has a neshama, a Jewish soul,

Now an extra neshama yetera, we are given, (Heb: yetera: additional)

As to rest on Shabbos we are bidden.

Linked to the Creator of all,

Resting at the Creator’s call,

Following in His perfection,

Shabbos rest, eternal connection.

Shabbos, pre-taste of olam haba,

World to come, here and now,

Loved by all the great Torah sages,

All Jewish people through the ages.

Listening to the Creator,

The Only One, our Liberator,

Rewarded by mitzvah of Shabbos,

Are Jewish people who do it mamesh (Hebrew: really).

Heaven we do not distress,

For mitzvah of Shabbos, we are blessed,

All things good and Hashem’s (G-D's) love,

Obeying the Holy call from above.

The way we want to be as Jews,

Shabbos we simply don’t abuse,

Jews not working, but really resting,

Shabbos is a Heavenly blessing.


"Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to Hashem your G-D. On it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, your male servant, or your female servant, or your livestock, and your convert within your gates. For in six days Hashem made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and He rested on the seventh day. Therefore Hashem blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy." Exodus 20:8-11