Because we were saved from a massive crime,

Purim is full of delight and fun,

Saved in ancient Persia from a serious fate,

We eat, make merry, sending out food, coins and cake. (two types of cooked food and a beverage. (cake: hamantashen, a three-cornered cookie with filling, optional)

Costumes are worn and drinks are poured,

Purim is greater than Yom Kippur,

This is just a sample of the simcha (happiness) we’ll reach,

When finally the era of Moshiach's established.

For the plot that was evil and so depraved,

Was stopped by G-D, damage was restrained,

The scroll that we read is historical record,

Of the events that took place, we can never ignore.

We prayed and pleaded to Hashem to save,

That only on Him we rely, we tried to be brave,

Queen Esther fasted with us all,

And Hashem listened and saw so we didn't fall.

For Haman yms (yms: may his name be obliterated)

was evil in G-D’s Holy sight,

So he didn't manage to last out the night,

As Haman was shown to be a disgrace,

So the evil plotter did lose his “case”.

For his plot of evil against the Jews of the lands,

And all he planned for us, just could not stand,

The king sentenced Haman yms (yms: may his name be obliterated) to hang as was right,

And Mordechai was favored, honored overnight. (with great reputation and in standing.)

All sons of the evil man were also hanged,

To show that all their plans were also banned,

Justice was done, recorded for all time,

To this day we remember Amalek’s yms crime. (yms: may his name be obliterated)

On Purim we read the scroll (the Megillah) of Esther twice, (evening and day)

And we bless Hashem for all His kindness to us,

Mordechai’s good work was un-surpassed,

For he waited each day outside the king's grand palace.

Queen Esther pleaded our cause with the King,

And well disposed to her he was, G-D willing,

At once the King acted in good faith,

For he now saw what was his mistake.(agreeing to Haman yms was a big mistake)

A friend of the King was Mordechai, who exposed,

That others had plotted against Achashverosh (the King),

In every generation we should defeat,

Those evil people who us want to beat.

We boo at Haman’s yms evil name when it’s read, (in the Megillah).

Such arrogance and greed was contained in his head,

To plan to destroy all Jews was his crime,

His evil deeds caught up with him just in time.

In every generation they rise up against us,

To do it is such an evil device,

We cling to the Holy Torah, others we spurn,

And rely on G-D solely, for Him we do yearn.

Happy Purim, Purim Sameach! (sameach, Heb: happy)