Jewish faith in Hashem cannot be made equivalent to any other faith or any other religions, as it is unique because the Recipient of our devotion is Hashem. There is no-one like Him. He is ONE, and He alone gave us the Torah.


Faith, not treif and not avoda zara, (treif, Heb: torn, not kosher; avoda zara Heb: strange worship: idol worship)

Faith not acquired through yetzer hara, (yetzer hara, Heb: evil inclination)

Faith without a single shailah, (shaila, Heb: question)

Faith as required by Halacha, (Halacha, Heb: Jewish Law)

Faith like incense to Shamayim, (incense: ONLY IN THE HOLY JEWISH TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM NOT ANYWHERE ELSE, EVEN TODAY) (Shamayim, Heb: Heaven)

Or “faithless”, rejected, simply defying?

“Faithless” please don’t eye the latest folly,

And all the various kinds of non-glory,

Leave the futile “idols” and “superstars”,

And men of cloth and their admirers,

Hashem’s Torah is still the true way,

Torah we will always obey.

“Faithless” don’t focus on the other,

“Faithless", you have dispensed with your own Father.

“Faithless” has “interfaith” as just one abuse,

Chaining Yidden (Yiddish for "Jews") to alien views,

To “faithless” in name alone Jews are called Yidden.

“Faithless”, please don’t encourage what is forbidden.

To “faithless” some things are irrelevant,

To please all others is “faithless’’ intent,

Jews don’t “faithless” congratulate,

As “faithless” does the Torah conflagrate,

In memory of Kristallnacht,

We say to “faithless”: “this is enough”.

“Faithless” is in with forbidden type,

Mixing our precious Jewish symbols with hype,

Without it, “faithless” feels so bare,

Frightened by the “secular” glare,

”Faithless” loves all banned (by the Torah) perversion,

And all manner of “other” illusions.

“Faithless” makes references so oiled and kind,

To “monotheistic” traits, so misaligned, (not all monotheisms are equivalent, Torah is unique, as Hashem Creator is One and Only, Indivisible)

By “faithless” are studied, lines and lines,

Of scientists’ calculations of Torah’s times,

Creation by "faithless" is defied, as “faithless” is “free”.

The species were all made separately, can’t they see?

So “faithless” cannot win, in Torah is “make fences”,(Pirke Avos 2:1 "make a safety fence around the Torah".

Nashamos cannot take it, we don’t want “faithless’ ” pretenses,

“Striving to be Jewish” for “faithless” is stalling and falling,

“Faithless” also rewards immodesty and Gehinom is calling,

The inglorious are misled and congratulated,

For deeds our Fathers and Mothers found utterly negated.

Repair your soul, “faithless”, please desist,

Not for a moment longer to persist!

Impossible conflicts to Jews are presented,

And head shrinkers are greatly demanded,

Examples are not limited to these,

“Faithless”, please now appease.

Jewish authenticity, please give it a go,

Close the shutters to the “other side", no show.

Cease the “other and secular admiration”,

Our Yiddishkeit is for us as a nation,

We see golus (Heb: exile from Hashem), we feel golus, we leave it.

“Faithless”, please lessen the burden of Jews in golus,

For to change even one word of Torah, is like having rejected the whole Torah.