Shatnez (in the category of Kilayim), is mixed wool-linen fibers that,

The Holy Torah does stipulate,

May not be worn by any Jews,

As even for babies, it is still refused.

Shatnez, any mixtures of wool and linen,

Even a thread that in clothes is hidden,

Also tablecloths, appliqués, recycled clothes and hankerchiefs,

If made or sewn of shatnez, are all prohibited by our Jewish beliefs.

We therefore always check the label,

On any garment before we’re able,

To try it on for comfort and fit, (including men's and women's suits and men's ties, and all hidden structural aids)

As Torah we don’t contradict.

Even luxury items of shatnez we dismiss,

As the damage caused by it is a deep and painful abyss,

From time’s beginnings, we are warned,

For shatnez to truly well avoid.

For “all wool” garments or those that are “all linen”,

Great caution to them must also be given,

As additions of threads of linen or wool, despite the label, are often made,

So expert advice must first be obtained.

To detect shatnez clothes, they must be analysed,

With microscopes and in other ways,

On shatnez articles we do not sit, (cushions etc)

Shatnez curtains, towels and such we also prohibit.

This mitzvah of avoiding shatnez,

Has special Heavenly significance,

So we perform this mitzvah very carefully,

As to ignore it, there is no safety,

From repercussions of not properly,

Heeding the Heavenly decree appropriately,

We are fearful, in any way to diminish,

Hashem’s mitzvos (mitzvos: commandmants) we dare not blemish.

Related to guarding against shatnez,(also in the category of Kilayim)

Is the mitzvah to avoid cross-fertilizing crops, and crops with plants,

It is that prohibition that actually means,

We do not mix together different species of prohibited seeds. (Human beings can marry across the races, but Jewish people are commanded by G-D to marry only Jewish people, to “marry in”. (A Jewish person is Jewish so long as his or her mother is Jewish, or his or her mother is an authentic Orthodox Jewish convert before the person was given birth by her, or a person coverts of their own volition, wanting to be fully Jewish.)

Forbidden is planting different crop species in close proximity,

So that new species should not grow accidentally, (these laws are complex, and involve not planting grape vines among two different crops when it is done in Israel (diaspora: means: outside the land of Israel, as planting two different crops together in the diaspora is permitted.)

Against our commandments, it would be a degradation,

So we very carefully avoid any such grave situation.

Grafting tree species, to one another,

Are similarly prohibited by the Holy Torah,

Cross grafting also does the genes dilute,

And is a thoroughly alien, forbidden pursuit.

Creator G-D established in the beginning,

The characteristics of the genetic pool of the living,

It is G-D Who made the world's genetics,

His Will is we not promote, cross-species intermix.

For a donkey and mare were crossed and so did bear, (Genesis, Bereshis 36.20 -24, Bereishis 36.20-24),(mare: female horse)

A mule that is against Torah and unfair,

An offspring of an illegitimate union was effected,

We spurn animal cross-species fertilization, it is greatly rejected.

Two different species may not be tied together, ("You shall not plow with an ox and an ass together." (Deut, Devorim 22:10))

Nor can one plow, drive, ride or lead both together, ever,

The reason in the Heavenly Realms is Kabbalistic, (A man may not study Kabbalah until he has married and is at least 40 years old)

To follow this mitzvah gives the whole world existence.

Engaging two different species, in work at the same time,

Is therefore against the Torah, and is a great crime,

The species also each, have their different strengths,

To defend them in kindness, Torah Law goes to such lengths.